To Thine Own Self Be True

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To Thine Own Self Be True

Bradin calls Sarah, mentions the heat (Heat Index 7), and asks her to surf with him. Sarah says she already has plans with an old friend, so Bradin invites her to hang out later, letting her know he doesn't just want sex. Sarah totally blows him off and hangs up. Bradin sits on his bed like, "I thought her breasts would make her emotionally connected with me! Aunt Ava sucks."

Nikki and Goofy meet up while riding bikes on the pier. Goofy asks why she's giving Amber such a hard time. Nikki says that's a lie. Goofy says he likes hanging out with Nikki, but that she's making him nervous with the clinginess. Nikki blames Amber, and Goofy says that Amber is his friend, and that he feels more than that for Nikki, but that he can't be responsible for Nikki's insecurity. Goofy adds that when he was away, he couldn't wait to see Nikki again, but now he doesn't know if it will work out. He rides away, and Nikki looks sad.

Ava and Susannah discuss Ava's nudie pictures. Ava says that it just brings up how much of what she did in life seemed like such a brilliant idea at the time. Hey, at least she was smart enough to use a Polaroid, so there are no negatives floating around. Martha and Derrick tromp up the stairs. Ava overhears the last part of Martha's phone conversation, where she tells her mother that she's going to the mall with a female friend. Ava starts to say something, but the phone rings and they kids run out. It's Mulva, who apologizes for their previous conversation and suggests that they be adults about this. Mulva asks if Martha is over there with Derrick right now. Ava looks at Martha and Derrick having fun together, and totally lies to Mulva. Wow, that was a bad decision. Ava hangs up and says that she would kill someone for doing that to her. Susannah agrees. So call Mulva back and say that Martha just arrived. Duh.

At the surf shop, Nikki watches Goofy and Amber talking and laughing together, and then walks over and tells Bradin that she wants Goofy back. Bradin advises her to realize that it's her fault that she lost him, not Amber's. Bradin adds that she should figure out what she's doing, since it's not working, and do the opposite. In this case, that means being nice to Amber. Nikki doesn't like the idea, but Bradin asks if she wants Goofy back or not.

Bradin walks down to the beach and tries to find Sarah. The cute girl that Bradin totally dissed earlier is busy burying her male friend in the sand. Male friend calls Bradin over, despite Cute Girl's protests. Bradin walks over, and Cute Girl introduces herself as Callie and her male friend as Adam. Callie looks like a cross between Liza Weil and Holly Marie Combs. It's probably worth noting that Adam is buried in the sand so that only his head is sticking out. After the introductions, Bradin is ready to go look for Sarah some more until Callie asks if he wants to help. Adam explains that it's their "monument to the transient nature of all human endeavor." Why couldn't these two be supporting cast members instead of Goofy, Amber, and Sarah? I already like them better. Bradin agrees to help out. Callie mentions that she grew up in Nebraska, and it turns out that she and Bradin lived fairly close to each other. Adam snarks, "Animatronic blonds of the world unite," and everyone turns to see Sarah and some guy walking out of the water holding hands. I think they are coding Adam as gay. I mean, he has a female best friend who he encourages to date, and he's snarky. On television, doesn't that equal gay? Bradin says that's whom he came to meet, and Adam apologizes. Sarah introduces Bradin to her friend, and Bradin pouts and refuses to shake hands with the guy. Oh, grow up. Matt takes off, and Sarah asks Bradin what his problem is. Bradin brings up the sex, and Sarah says it was great, but that it doesn't mean that they signed an exclusivity contract. But she has breasts! She must confuse sex for love! Ooooooh, I get it. She's a slut. Bradin pretends he's okay with it, and Sarah takes off. Bradin walks over and asks Callie to get coffee, and then checks to make sure that Sarah saw the whole thing. Callie is way too excited about it. Aw, poor Callie.

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