To Thine Own Self Be True

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To Thine Own Self Be True

Derrick and Martha hang out in a tree and pretend they are in a ship. Derrick uses his telescope to spot CCK performing some sort of transaction on the beach. A kid gives CCK money and he gives the kid a photo. Derrick runs down to the beach and demands that the kid who what he just bought. The kid tells Derrick to buy his own, because he just paid fifty cents for it. He's only asking fifty cents? I guess Ava's not that hot. Derrick grabs the photo and yells, "He color-copied it! I'll kill him." Derrick chases CCK down and tackles him. Derrick grabs the money and photos and tries to take off, but CCK pins Derrick down and asks, "If she didn't want the whole world to see them, why'd she take it off for the camera?" Derrick socks CCK right in the face. Derrick demands to know who else bought a picture, and CCK insists that there isn't anyone else, and then runs away.

At work, Amber takes the garbage out as Nikki totally misses a perfect opportunity to comment on the trash taking out the trash or some such. The bag breaks, and Nikki offers to help Amber clean it up. Amber complains about the heat (Heat Index 8) and pretty much everything else, including Nikki. Nikki (who is wearing about five pounds of makeup) explains that she knows she's been a nightmare. Amber says she's not fooled, but still agrees to go for ice cream as long as Nikki is buying. Isn't Amber working? Can she just leave?

Back at the beach house, Ava lectures Derrick for "resorting to physical violence." Martha is actually glad that someone socked her brother. Derrick understands that Ava is glad he defended her honor, like, way to send even more mixed messages, Ava. Derrick and Martha scamper off. Johnny picks up some ice and holds it to his neck (Heat Index 9) as Jay comments that maybe Martha should go home before Mulva shows up. Johnny sneaks around and puts the ice down the back of Ava's dress. This starts an ice-cube-down-shirts war among the four adults, and then they move on to throwing fruit at each other. Derrick and Martha join them. Mulva shows up while everyone is all encrusted with food, and bitches Ava out for letting Martha come over, and for letting Derrick punch CCK. Susannah thinks Mulva is overreacting. Ava nervously apologizes on Derrick's behalf. Mulva says that CCK will be okay, but that Ava should ask herself if Derrick will. Mulva adds that she won't let Martha play with Derrick again until she knows that he's in counseling. Johnny tries to defend Derrick's actions, but Ava stops him and apologizes again. Mulva takes her daughter and leaves without accepting the apology.

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