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Layer Cake

Yigit made an almond cake with chocolate mousse and a sponge cake with lemon cream with a "sand" texture to represent the beach. The pates des fruits he incorporated into the lemon cake kills him because it makes it impossible to cut and the slices look like they were torn out by the mouthful. I know this because that's how I eat cake. Look ma, no hands! The judges are disappointed. Then the contestants sit around deriding each other and cutting their competition with words although knives would be much more interesting. I think this show could use a dose of Thunderdome.

In the Stew Room, the contestants re-enact scenes from The Warriors. In my mind they do. In reality they just chit chat and wait for Gail to haul them in for judgment. All four go in to face the judgment panel together. Gail reminds them that the winner will take home $15,000 and three will go to the finals. Danielle's cake gets general accolades, but they didn't like the choice of grey frosting. Yigit tries to explain his cake, but Johnny Iuzzini knows he over-thought it and does not approve. He did appreciate the fact that Yigit flavored his buttercream. The Godfather of Pastry thought the cake cut a nice silhouette. Gail didn't like the pate des fruits. Morgan's cake lacked some acidity, the chocolate cake was a little dry, and the shell piping work was off. Morgan looks stunned. Zac tries to justify his cake, but the judges don't buy it. There was just too much of everything and it didn't represent the clients. Since Zac knows he's in trouble, he goes after Morgan and says he is hurt that Morgan doesn't flaunt his wins properly. Morgan shrugs that he doesn't like to rub it in and the judges don't care anyway so... moving on.

The chefs trudge to the Stew Room as the judges judge. Morgan's cake was beautiful but something so simple required perfection and his wasn't perfect. Danielle's cake was grey and even though it tasted amazing, it was still grey. Zac's was nuts and Yigit's had a controversial pate des fruits. Still, the judges know what they are doing.

The contestants file back in. The Godfather gets to announce the winner. It is? Danielle. She looks as surprised as the rest of us. But that's what you get with sneaky editing. Danielle cheers and heads off to the finals. The judges remind the three remaining chefs that only two can continue to the finals. Morgan's cake was too simple and at this stage he has to compete to win. Zac's cake had too much Zac in it and Yigit's cake was plagued with a swarm of pate des fruits. Gail drags out the announcement of the loser, but finally, it is Zac who has to leave. In his post-departure interview he admits he made a cake wreck. Before you think it's nice that he's good-natured about it, he quickly follows it up by expressing shock that the judges wouldn't mention how rubbery Morgan's cake was. Oh Zac, go be passive aggressive over there, please. Thanks. By the way, I was wrong. Danielle was not kicked off and Morgan didn't roll loogie in cacao. Just tar and feather me, okay? But maybe use chocolate and marshmallows.

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