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Gail has one word to describe their next challenge: Chocolate. The twist is that they must divide into teams (that's not the twist, that's all they ever do on this show) and serve the chocolate to each other. Katzie is nervous, also paranoid, because everyone hates her. Or at least she thinks everyone hates her, which has the same result. The teams must each create a showpiece as well as their actual edible desserts. What is the obsession with showpieces on this show? I mean, they are eye-catching, but you can't eat it, so who cares? I feel the same way about computer products. Edible is best, right? The teams are divided into Carlos, Sally and Orlando versus Chris, Matthew and Katzie, which are too evenly matched to be random in any way. Chris and Orlando are going head to head (again) over showpieces and Orlando is pretty confident that his chocolate skills can beat Chris. I feel like the producers are trying to make us really aware that Orlando is black because they keep referring to him as Mr. Chocolate and getting him to say things like "I like my chocolate the way I like my men ...tall," but, dude, we know. It's not like we're listening to this show on the radio. We are aware that he is both black and an excellent chocolate sculptor. And it's not like they are making Chris use only white chocolate in his design. Chocolate sees no color! The Top Chef dining room (which I don't think is sponsored by any corporate entity at all, which is a real missed opportunity William Sonoma, Crate & Barrel, and, other table makers. Shakers?) has been divided into two rooms so the teams can't see what the other team is doing. I can tell YOU though: They are making chocolate centerpieces. Shhhh don't tell.

Meanwhile in the kitchen ...wait. Sign this confidentiality agreement. Okay. Notarize it. All set? Okay in the kitchen: people are cooking. Also baking. They are making chocolate desserts. I know, right? Crazy stuff happening here on Top Chef: Just Desserts. Orlando actually isn't cooking or baking, he is delegating the responsibility of making his dessert to Carlos and Sally, which is surely going to turn out well. I mean it always does when you are on a cooking show and you have other people cook for you. What could go wrong in that scenario? Suddenly there is almost no time on the clock and the chefs are all scurrying, scampering and skedaddling around the kitchen trying to finish everything. Chris and Orlando are freezing their chocolate sculptures with something that looks cold, chemical-y, and entirely undelicious. Note to self: Next time, don't lick the centerpiece.

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