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The teams switch places and Chris gets in touch with his inner art student and gives an impassioned critique of the column-like nature of Orlando's showpiece. Johnny shuts him down, because that's what Johnny does. I'm not saying that if I was really drunk and feeling vulnerable at a party I wouldn't make out with him, I'm just saying he's a jerk and I kind of like it. Orlando then comes in and serves up a puff pastry milk chocolate mousse with mango coulis and roasted cocoa nib sorbet. Sally made a chocolate sphere with a manjari caramel mousse, spiced caramel cram with passion fruit gelee (which brings the passion fruit count up to four for this episode alone.) Carlos made a caramelized cremeux, milk chocolate mousse, peanut butter mousse and caramelized banana. I feel that every dessert Carlos makes has chocolate and banana and peanut butter, not that it's a bad thing, but branch out a little there, guy. Matthew is being very kind to everyone at the critique and is following his wife's sage advice to keep his mouth shut. Apparently Chris' wife didn't tell him nothing, because he's yapping away. Oh that's right, she's at home with a newborn baby with a heart defect, so she might be a little distracted. Is it wrong to root for Chris to go home just so his wife gets a little help and, I don't know, a hug? Instead Chris lets loose with his criticisms and the judges kind of egg him on.

The judges bring everyone into the room for judgment. After trying to drag it out a bit, Orlando, Carlos and Sally are announced as the winners. Orlando likes winning, but he likes beating Chris better. Gail asks Chris if he thought his dessert suffered because of the work he put into the showpiece. He quickly defended his brioche Pop-Tart thing as living up to his vision. Wylie Dufresne thought the texture was "unusual," which is saying something coming from a guy who has a plate of cookie dirt on his menu. Johnny also thought it was strange, but he's just kicking a dead Pop-Tart horse at this point. Katzie's dish suffered a size problem. Size matters people! Gail is confident she couldn't have fit the whole thing in her mouth (ew, dirty.) Then, much like Orlando before her, Katzie is sacrificed by Johnny for mentioning that there was jasmine in the dessert and then not delivering the jasmine. Matthew's dessert was overly sweet, which I still think is a weird complaint about a dessert. Gail says she didn't get a lot of nuance in the tart, but I for one, don't like nuance in my tart. I prefer chocolate. At last the judges determine that it is Katzie's time to fly away home. She packs her knives and refuses to make eye contact with Sally so the drama can live on long past her stint on the show.

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