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"The Red Hots are for My Mommy!"

The drug cocktail has kicked in to the extent that Seth has entered his manic phase and is ready to cook cook cook cook. He has twenty different components at least three of which are actually food. I admire molecular gastronomy but when they start listing ingredients like agar agar, glucose, and nitrogen, I kind of miss, say, blueberries. At the end of the day, Seth tries to make nice with all the other chefs, but people are more than a little suspicious that he is going to crème brulee them in their sleep.

The day of the Elimination Challenge the chefs head back to The Tar Pit to serve up their desserts, three at a time, to the judges and 25 interns diners. The first three chefs head out to the dining room to meet the judges and introduce their cocktail-inspired cakes. Gail reminds us all that Johnny Iuzzini is head judge while Hubert Keller is merely a permanent judge and Mark Peel, his wife, and Elizabeth Falkner are even lower on the judging totem pole as simply guest judges. And Gail? Well, Gail's just pretty. Also the host. But a pretty host. Prettier than Padma, right? Or at least more knowledgeable? Pretty and knowledgeable and taller? Right? RIGHT?

Everyone nods eagerly and pleads to introduce their cakes. Everyone really likes Erika's Margarita-inspired bombe with a lime cookie, tequila mousse, salt, and a Grand Marnier sauce. Danielle made a lemon and lime tart with toasted coconut and rum sabayon, which doesn't wow the judges. While Eric's pineapple bourbon upside down cake, may not be based on a cocktail exactly, but is so delicious that Gail even admits that her right hand had to hold down her left hand and beat it senseless to prevent her from eating the whole thing. Up next, are Yigit's Campari and blood orange agar agar, which is NOT A DESSERT paired with basil ice cream and more fucking panna cotta. Just stop trying to make panna cotta happen! Morgan made a cola-spiced whiskey cake with a "fluid gel" which sounds revolting, obviously. Head Bandage Heather has a gingerbread cake with rum sauce, which has nothing bizarre, chemical, or sciencey about it at all. Thus it looks the best.

Obviously the judges like the most chemical panna cotta-y dish of all. Seth is prepping to go out and he is so pathetically insanely frantic that Zac feels like he has to go help him. And really, Seth's insane like if Yogi Bear snorted a bunch of meth and was out trying to steal picnic baskets and just couldn't do it and was about to start crying for his mommy. Who wouldn't help? Seth has managed to compose himself in front of the judges to present his blueberry gimlet cake that truthfully looks like square bird poop. Malika's blood orange and blackberry mojito cake with white chocolate mousse looks delicious by comparison. Of course, my flip-flop looks delicious in comparison, too.

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