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Sweet Farewell

Gail sends them home to get dressed for a super fun surprise. They are skeptical, but dress accordingly and head to a club for cocktails. Head Judge Johnny Iuzzini greets them with a plant in hand. Oh, that's not a plant; it's a cocktail with many many leaves in it. How au courant. Also, vegetative. Danielle voiceovers that they are expecting a twist any second now. Johnny orders dessert and when an impressive array comes out the tension builds (not really, but nice try guys). Johnny calls out the pastry chefs responsible for the spread and three women come out and everyone shrieks. It's not their mommies, but rather their forebears in the pastry world: Elizabeth Faulkner from Citizen Cake is the only one I recognize on sight. And then they don't really introduce the others so sit tight they have to tell us eventually. These are their sous chefs! Everyone just dies. The end. Alas, that's not true. Instead they choose sous chefs out of a cookie jar. Yigit gets Sherry Yard (see I told you they would crack eventually), Danielle gets Elizabeth Faulkner, and Morgan gets Claudia Fleming. Ooh I know her. She used to be the pastry chef at Gramercy Tavern, which is Blair Waldorf's favorite restaurant. DON'T ASK ME HOW I KNOW THAT.

The next day Morgan skillfully Dippity Dos his hair in the kitchen while Danielle huddles in the corner shoveling cereal with the brand blacked out into her mouth like if it doesn't have a name the calories don't count listening to Morgan moan about how Claudia Fleming is just another obstacle he has to mount. Er, surmount. No one mounts Claudia Fleming without her permission. I think. I don't know the woman, okay? Yigit woke up super irritated at Morgan for turning on the air conditioning when he knew Yigit slept in the nude or something and now he has the sniffles. I am not sure why Yigit couldn't just turn the air conditioning off, but I am not here to make a chore chart for these people. I am really hoping that Yigit doesn't pull an Angelo and start whimpering about his cold or something. Like, we get it. Nerves suck, but just shut up and compete there's only one day left. Yigit manages to get out of bed and brush off his irritation at Morgan and the team heads to the local Albertson's WHICH IS A PERFECTLY REASONABLE GROCERY STORE, OKAY? They have $400 to spend and Danielle is determined to spend it all on licorice and root beer because she is my other. In the produce section, Yigit and Danielle hug, while Morgan looks on skeptically from the soda aisle. He is not a hugger. Danielle reminds us that this competition is a journey so don't stop believin'.

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