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Everyone is working frantically. Yigit is frantic about lemongrass sorbet and Morgan is freaked out about the sugar that Bitch Face Heather put in the soufflé mold. Danielle is worried that her desserts are too sweet. Yigit notices that Morgan is struggling with his yogurt caviar and he doesn't understand why he wouldn't ask Heather for help. Hmm...because he's stubborn and misogynistic? Just guessing. Morgan is impressed with the looks of his competitors' food, but thinks he took more risks. He is pretty confident that will take him the extra distance to the winner's circle. But Morgan, the producers have a lot of say in the outcome and no one wants a dick to win because then the fans turn against them. Outside, the panel of pastry chefs and food experts sit at the table. Claudia Fleming admits she hated Morgan and calls him a "typical male pastry chef" and not in a good way. The ex-Top Chef contestants are isolated at their own table, but are dulling the pain with liquor. Suddenly time is up and the remaining competitors file into the dining area and start to present their food.

Yigit starts. He wants us to dance across his palate. Okay, buddy, if you're into that stuff. His first dish is a cucumber lime sorbet with Straus yogurt caviar pearls. Straus yogurt you say? Fine, I'll Google: Ah, it's a brand name. A family farm whose search ranking just skyrocketed and they will be very confused as to why. Morgan introduces his passion fruit cannoli with mango carpaccio, fluid gel, and tarragon jelly. Eh? It's all words I know, but I don't recognize them strung together like that. Danielle made a hazelnut cake with Spanish goat cheese and fig jam. Johnny Iuzzini likes Morgan's dish, but Daily Candy Dannielle thinks Yigit's flavors are so bright she has to wear some adorbs Selima Optique shades on sale at Daily Candy Deals for 30% off. Elizabeth Faulkner pretends that she is enjoying Danielle's dish because while it is a cheese course it is also dessert. Geez, Elizabeth, if you can't say anything nice...While the judges are cooing and analyzing, the former contestants are just bitching about fig seeds or, you know, sour grapes.

Back in the kitchen the finalists are preparing their second course. Yigit takes some time to deride Morgan, because there is ALWAYS time for that. First it's not blue, it's violet. So what the hell? Kick him off right now! Even though Morgan hasn't announced his color scheme to the judges and the dessert looks lovely. Anyway. The second course goes out. Yigit is offering a strawberry sorbet and lemongrass ginger ice cream with berry meringue and consommé. Morgan has made a blueberry pavlova with lemon cream in citrus chamomile broth and pearls. Danielle made a palate cleanser of lemon parfait, pomelo and tangerine sorbet and moscato granita. They all look delicious. The chefs run back to the kitchen while their dishes get a post mortem. Hubert Keller does not like Danielle's plating, but someone else thinks she is "making the most sense". Claudia Flaming begrudgingly compliments Morgan's pavlova.

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