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Meanwhile in the kitchen TRAGEDY STRIKES. Well, not really, but Morgan's soufflés are not coming out particularly well. Heather gets rid of her Bitch Face and actually helps Morgan solve his problem and they come up with an inspired solution: Make sure the judges get the pretty ones. Yes, two heads had to come up with that answer. Of course the judges realize something is up when everyone else's soufflés look like dog poo while theirs sit pristinely. Yigit introduces his next course: A muscovado braised pineapple with coconut cake and coconut lime soup, which I am guessing is not like the tom ka you pick up from the Thai takeaway. Morgan has made a manjari soufflé cake with raspberry sorbet and cocoa nib paper. Fine, I'll Google it: Valrhona Manjari chocolate. Also a brand name or a category of chocolate. Mmm...chocolate. Despite Johnny's trepidation, Danielle went ahead and made an ice cream flight. It has a Baked Alaska, a strawberry sundae, and a root beer float. All hit with a shrink ray so they wouldn't be too much. One of the chefs plots to steal Yigit's dessert. Don't steal it, make it a prize! And Yigit, your recipe will be featured on this restaurant's menu! Congratulations!

Anyway. The judges notice that Morgan's soufflé has crumpled under the pressure and someone utters the dreaded phrase: We couldn't sell it in our restaurant if it looked like that. Um...yes you could. People are stupid when it comes to chocolate. Serve me a chocolate pile with a spoon and I will be happy. Zac is making cruel jokes at Morgan's expense. Everyone loves Danielle's Baked Alaska. I really wish they had taken a moment to introduce who the heck these people are. [They may have judged previously, but short-term memory is in effect... especially with this show. -- Angel

Then it is the final dish of the ENTIRE COMPETITION. Yigit presents a chocolate love fest to remind you of "spooning back home". No comment. It's a hazelnut dacquoise, chocolate plaque two ways (?), milk jam candy, and salted caramel ice cream. Morgan has a white pepper crème brulee, black pepper baumkuchen, and a blackberry macaron. Oh my god I love macarons. Danielle made a chocolate pudding cake with pistachio ice cream. The tasting commences: Yigit's dessert goes down well. So well in fact that Gail wants to bathe herself in milk jam candy. Danielle's is sadly lacking, yet delicious. Morgan's dessert shatters beautifully and the baumkuchen is a masterpiece. They chefs get a round of applause and await their fates. Morgan cracks open the champagne and everyone toasts.

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