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Sally is next and Judge Johnny sizes up her wares appreciatively, but not at all in a dirty way despite the way I just wrote that sentence. Get your mind out of the gutter, eh? Johnny likes the uniform color palette across her desserts too. But whenever Judge Johnny starts dropping compliments like a drunk banker at a stripper bar, you know something is up and sure enough, just when Sally is feeling good about things he asks her the kicker: How much help did you have from your sous chefs in putting this showpiece together? Sally grimaces and admits that Orlando did most of it, but they were totally her designs. Which pretty much sounds like the most Winklevoss twins thing ever said about chocolate. Johnny nods in disappointment at the big let down that is Sally. She's a dead man walking, but he will totally eat her entremet. It has chocolate mousse, mango vanilla cream caramel cremeux, lime and almond sponge. They like how even Sally's layers are and appreciate the delicate flavors and layers. Her bread is a Parker House roll with bacon, onions and gruyere while her bon bon is a salted milk chocolate caramel. It all sounds delicious, but there is no way she can win with the showpiece drama they are trying really really hard to make us care about.

Chris makes sure the judges are all aware that not only did he make his entire showpiece himself (*quietly kicking Sally under the bus*), but he also made a chocolate i-beam to hold his bon bons and his brioche. Johnny nods solemnly, because he likes it, he really really does, but it sure is disappointing that it's falling apart already. Johnny is such a dick! I love him. Chris gets wide-eyed in horror when he sees that sure enough a ball of brioche has dislodged from its resting place. He apologizes and tries to distract them with cake. Chris' entremet is a chocolate mousse with a vanilla cremeux and raspberry jam. Cremeux is just a fancy word for vanilla pudding right? Johnny declares, "I like it." Chris' bread is a classic brioche with a maple bacon butter. Johnny isn't sure that he approves of more work being put into the condiment than in to the bread, but Chris argues that only prisoners don't get butter with their bread and everyone nods. Then Chris serves his coffee infused ganache bon bon on his chocolate steel beam and everyone goes away happyish.

The chefs rush back to the kitchen to prepare their plated "special" desserts. Sally serves a white chocolate espresso mousse stuffed inside a chocolate sphere that kind of looks like it was swiped from the set of Phantasm, but in a good chocolatey way. She served her sphere with a chocolatecremeux pudding, cashew noguatine and white coffee ice cream. It is dedicated to her mother and sister because she only has a career to come home to at night and Top Chef likes us to be aware that we can't have it all unless you're a guy with a very understanding and supportive wife who chooses to compete on a reality show instead of staying home with his sick newborn.

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