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Welcome back to Top Chef: Just Desserts, where the chocolate flows in waterfalls and the bitterness runs deep.

The morning after the Willy Wonka competition, the cheftestants are recapping the demise of Craig (hey, that's my job!) Pichet Ong is the guest chef. Formerly of Jean Georges' Spice Market, a place which once held the much coveted and highly competitive title of douchiest restaurant in New York City. Katzie, fresh off her win from last week (or, rather, yesterday in Top Chef real time) is shaking in her boots for having to perform for the master, which ties in nicely with the clip of Sally (who was in the bottom last week) badmouthing Katzie for being so young and inexperienced. Gail introduces the challenge and it actually sounds like a fun one: Make your own candy bar from scratch. And go!

The chefs scurry through the commissary very visually similar to when the rats in Ratatouille pour over the kitchen. The chefs may be slightly less germy though, although who knows what those chefs get up to at night in their Serta brand mattresses. Maybe Valtrex is looking for a product placement opportunity? In the chaos of the ticking clock, Carlos knocks what's her face with the broken arm (Rebecca, I think) into a table slamming her fracture. She collapses to the floor, wipes tears from her face, and then just keeps on making marzipan or whatever. You kind of wish someone would pull her aside and point out to her that there is no way she is winning this thing, so if her arm really hurts, maybe she should just go ahead and head home. Carlos, however, is not the guy to do it. He's too busy promoting his banana chocolate peanut butter combos.

As the chefs scramble to finish their signature chocolate bars, tragedy strikes Rebecca AGAIN. In a scene straight out of an off-off-off-off Broadway staging of My Left Foot where the company couldn't secure the rights and instead mounted "My Left Arm," Rebecca's gimpy left arm knocked her tray of candy bars to the ground. In a shocking turn of events, Orlando (yes, Orlando!) rushes to her aid. He has finished his candy bar and in a moment of abject humanity has decided to help her finish hers. His heart must have grown three sizes today. With Orlando's able-bodied assistance, Rebecca finishes her candy bar before Gail calls time.

Gail and Pichet make their rounds of the room: Katzie offers up a brown butter, caramelized banana curd (ew), jasmine ganache topped with dark chocolate bar, which she titled the "Caramel Cove." Tip Katzie: Don't go into branding if this chef thing doesn't pan out. Carlos the Destroyer is next with a so-called Choconana, which is the aforementioned peanut butter crisp with fudge cake, banana pudding and chocolate Pop Rocks, which sound all kinds of awesome. Out of curiosity, raise your hand if you have EVER considered eating a banana-flavored candy bar. That's what I thought. Knock if off, chefs, no one wants your weird banana. Sally, however, has it right: Peanut butter, chocolate, cocoa nibs, and chocolate ganache. I'll take 20! In my face! Now! Katzie is very disappointed in Sally for catering to her client's taste and adding forbidden black rice to her bar for Pichet. Yeah, how dare she try and win? Matthew combined hazelnut feuilletine praline with orange vanilla chocolate crème anglaise. Which pretty much looks like a candy bar despite having approximately 8000 ingredients.

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