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Then Dannielle tries to impart some sense of expertise, but Orlando ain't having it. He liked his dessert. Gail, once again, reminds him that it wasn't refreshing. Here's my gripe, if the challenge was supposed to be make a refreshing snack, shouldn't they have said that? Why punish the chefs for making desserts that aren't refreshing when no one said they had to be? Yes they were supposed to make snacks for a summer afternoon at the park, but most amusement parks serve plastic cheese on cardboard nachos and withered hot dogs on stale buns and people freaking love it. Anyway, whatever. Pichet tells Matthew that he would have really liked his dessert ...if it was served in a restaurant. Dannielle points out that it was disconcerting to be handed a warm bowl on a hot summer day. Yeah, I mean I know when I'm at, say, a barbecue on a hot summer day, I only want cold things. Like cold hot dogs and hamburgers. Gah.

The judges send the chefs back to the stew room so they can talk smack about them behind their backs and make fun of their desserts. Gail makes the point that none of the losing chefs seemed to understand what was wrong with their dishes, which does lend itself to the idea that there was a problem establishing guidelines for the competition. The judges make their decision and hail the contestants back in. Gail sends Sally, Matthew and Chris back to the stew room, because they are safe. Orlando, Carlos and Amanda shift warily from foot to foot as Gail stares at them demeaningly. Slowly she announces that Amanda and her pretzel-like funnel cake are out. Amanda accepts her fate gracefully and bids her farewell to the judges, her friends, and her fifteen minutes of fame.

Melissa Locker a.k.a. Lulu Bates is rolling around in chocolate RIGHT NOW. You can follow her on Twitter @woolyknickers.

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