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But first! Bonus footage in which the cheftestants fantasize about opening a Fantastic Five pastry shop and saving the world through pastry. Sally explains that Carlos is Nitro Man for his liberal use of liquid nitrogen, Chris is Paco Boy, Orlando is Chocolate Man and Matthew is the Master Foamer, who stuns both mind and tongue by producing whip cream that tastes like gravy. Chris concludes, "Sally would be a team of one." So really the Fantastic Four + Sally? Either way, they're like the Avengers but fighting bad guys with obesity, diabetes and cavities!

As judgment nears, the B3 are all nervous. They head back in to learn who measured up and who didn't. With no more jabber, Gail announces that Carlos is heading home. He sheds a few tears at the thought of disappointing his kids but says unironically, "That's the way the cookie crumbles."

Next week: Sally and Chris begin to fall apart. Cat Cora looks like a Real Housewife of Beverly Hills. And Hubert deems the next challenge the best of the whole season.

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