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Borrowing Grandma's

It's morning! Where are the croissants? Melissa crows "Good Morning, Sunshine!" in that particular pitch that can make you break things. Then, we see that Rebecca is wearing a splint on her left arm. She apparently hurt it the evening before (doing nothing) and the doctor told her that, though there is a fracture, she can keep on going if she feels like it. Oh, she feels like it. She also feels like talking about how crazy it is that she's injured. To everyone. People that can't stop talking about their ailments as if they were their children: Public Enemy #1. She says she's not gonna give up (or shut up).

It's Quickfire Challenge time! Gail is standing with a mystery person, who Melissa recognizes as Margaret Braun. Melissa says that she makes fantastical desserts that look like they come from some sort of Aladdin fantasy. We see photo evidence to back her claim. It's pretty freaking impressive, like this elephant that looks like a plant holder from Pier 1 Imports. Except this one is in a gorgeous blue. Take note, Pier 1 Imports. Gail introduces Margaret as her own personal dessert guru. Margaret says that she can't wait to see what the contestants will be whipping up.

So, there are lemons everywhere and just when I decided that I'd make the title of this episode some painfully witty take on "When life gives you lemons..." Gail decides to ruin that for me and says it herself. Margaret says that lemons are difficult; at least, doing something new with lemons is difficult. But that's their task. They have to create a new lemon dessert, or, as Margaret puts it, they have to "reveal the secret of the lemon" to her. Sounds like somebody is still on her flying carpet. Amanda says that lemons are difficult -- the rind is bitter and can be very tough and the fruit is very bitter. They will have 45 minutes to make something splendid and the winner will have immunity in the next elimination challenge.

Craig wants immunity so bad, he can taste it. It's sweet. Like dessert. Gail starts the clock and everybody takes off, like a rocket (as described by Matthew -- hubba). He says that he likes lemon with hazelnut. Hmm. Also, he has never actually worked with the combination before. Has he tasted the combo before? Not sure. Nelson says that he's making his lemon pavlova with mango sauce, lemon candies and lemon sour cream. Sounds pretty awesome. He says that he hopes there aren't too many...components? Nelson's accent and I, though friendly, sometimes really just don't GET each other. Anyway, there's a lot going on in his dessert, so I think he should be worried about too many components, whether he said it or not. Orlando says that, this one time, he ate so many lemon tarts that his face broke out. Gross. He's allergic to them, but he's not going to stop. Amanda is making a custard, because of the high difficulty involved and her desire to stay in the top.

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