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Rebecca says that juicing lemons with a jacked up wrist is not easy. I'll remember that. She'd really like immunity, especially since she's hurt. Katzie says that she's making lemon crepe ribbons that will look like fettuccini. That sounds like a bad idea. Who wants to dig into pasta and have it taste like lemon crepes? She says that whimsy is her thing. She likes things to look "cute but delicious." Funny, that's on the Special Skills section of my resume. Who knew that a person named Katzie and I would have so much in common? Matthew makes fun of Carlos (in an interview) for relying too much on liquid nitrogen. He'd prefer to concentrate on taste. Nelson's candies don't turn out right. He's embarrassed when time is called.

Gail and Margaret start with Nelson and everybody's kind of flirty, which I find so perfectly appropriate for a show about desserts and I hope it's a trend. Oh damn, Nelson doesn't even have his cream on the plate. Time issue. Orlando's three things: coconut lemon cream cake, lemon curd and lemon fritters and chocolate. Katzie made her lemon noodles with a butter and egg yolk emulsion and candied fennel seeds. The judges seem surprised. Matthew presents his lemon vanilla crème with mint puree and hazelnut sable. Margaret commends him for the dessert's simplicity. Carlos presents his citrus soup with reverse sphered yogurt, olive oil powder, honey and thyme. Talk about simple. Margaret thinks it looks like breakfast and she likes the thyme. Amanda offers a caramel cremeux with caffe dulce confit lemon segments. Also, incredibly simple, yes? Margaret finds the caramel/lemon combo "interesting," which doesn't necessarily mean good. Melissa made a lemon beignet with Thai basil sugar and I would totes eat the hell out of that. Margaret seems surprised and pleased by the flavor. Craig is so excited, y'all. I mean, we love him, right? He presents a lemon sour cream pound cake with French meringue and coconut cream. Margaret thanks him and he lets out a sigh of relief. Vanarin makes a lemon curd semifreddo with coconut brown butter streusel and blackberry compote. It looks really beautiful on the plate. He says that there's sweetness to balance the tang and Margaret's taste buds seem to agree. Poor crippled Rebecca made a lemon meringue pie with blueberries in ginger and lemon syrup. They encourage her by commending her for slogging through the challenge with ONE HAND.

Margaret commends everyone for working magic with lemons. She says that her least favorite desserts were Nelson's (unimpressed by the lemon/mango combo, not to mention his dessert not even being finished) and Orlando's (not a personal fan of lemon and chocolate together). Orlando interviews that she should leave her personal shit at the door. Taste is personal, guy. She also felt that the contrasts in Amanda's dessert were too great. Her favorites were Matthew's, Katzie's (she thought it was bold and funny) and Carlos's (loved those textures). They keep cutting to Matthew every time someone says something nice about Carlos. So, yeah, something's going to happen there. Matthew wins!

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