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Gail presents the elimination challenge. Orlando, Carlos and Amanda have been randomly chosen to select the teams. Also, Matthew is a team leader because he won the Quickfire Challenge. Matthew chooses Chris because he's multi-faceted. Also, all the cute boys on one team is very dessert-adjacent in the human experience spectrum. Carlos chooses "Sassy Sally." Orlando goes with Nelson. Amanda chooses Katzie. Matthew gets Megan. Melissa is starting to look pissed that she's not getting chosen. Carlos gets Rebecca. Orlando chooses Craig and interviews that he's staying away from Melissa because, during the last challenge, she "drove the bus over one of her teammates." What? Did you just see that? What he did? It's like he took lemons and made a tired cliché new again. Because, who cares about being thrown under a bus when there's some crazy asshole out there who will purposefully just drive the damn bus over your ass? Amanda chooses Vanarin. Melissa is last to be chosen, which means she's on Matthew's team.

Gail explains that, for the challenge, they will create a cake celebrating the Walt Disney Concert Hall's opening night for the LA Philharmonic. The cake should compare to the award-winning architecture of the hall. The event is the next night and will be served to 150 guests. Each team member will be responsible for one layer of the cake. Matthew says this is a ridiculously short amount of time for this sort of challenge. Margaret wants them to push the boundaries of cake-making. She wants to see new shapes.

And, they begin. Chris takes the lead with his team. In the interest of time, they're staying simple. Katzie is taking the bottom layer of her cake. Van recommends musical instruments as decor. Orlando's team is putting their personalities in their layers. For instance, Nelson is architectural and Craig is a nit-wit rookie. His words. Poor Craig. I think he's adorable and he makes me want to cry. Carlos leads his team's direction, but he has a hard time communicating what he wants.

People start working. Van is making tiny candy instruments...for the first time. We find out that his parents were Cambodian refugees. He wants to make his family feel like they belong. Melissa is eager to prove herself. She's making a cardamom sponge cake. Chris is worried about her. Carlos asks for pastry cream and Rebecca thinks he asks for PCP. That would explain a lot. Nelson is planning on making columns for a tower effect. We learn that he studied architecture in school and that's why he's so technical. His family freaked with he changed careers.

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