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Here comes Johnny. Sally and Rebecca reveal that they are both making devil's food cake, though Rebecca insists that they're different because she's using milk and Sally is using buttermilk. Johnny ain't buying it. He also thinks the musical instruments that Van is cranking out are too small. Johnny wonders if the shape of Team Matthew's cake is too ordinary, but Chris, though he gives props to Johnny's advice in general, doesn't want to get swayed too much by his comments. Craig tells Johnny that he's going for a "pow-pow" flavor. Johnny's all "What?" Pow-pow flavor, Johnny. In your mouth. Duh.

After the consult, Katzie says that they need to be confident about their choices. Nelson's worried that his columns won't hold Craig's heavy cakes. Work day is over!

Later, Craig and Sally are chilling and he interviews that he's really lucky to have Sally there during this experience. He says that he was a fat kid (accompanied by photo evidence -- dude has indeed lost a lot of weight) and had "flamboyant tendencies" (accompanied by a pic of him in a pig suit) that made him an easy target. He wants everyone from his past to see him kick ass on the show and think about what an asshole they were to him. He seriously breaks my heart. I think he's wonderful.

The next day, they have only a few hours before having to transport the cake. Carlos is still not doing a great job with communicating. Orlando is frustrated that Craig is using a tiny brush to paint his layer. Orlando seems like he's bullying poor Craig. Everybody puts their cakes in vans and Amanda comments that hers is heavy as a pile of poop. That's my unit of measurement as well. This remote control? 1/8th as heavy as a pile of poop.

They make it to the concert hall, seriously strapped for time. They have to set up outside, and Megan is worried that the day is too warm. Van notices that their stuff starts melting immediately. Katzie thinks that he's on a runaway train with his glitter use. Carlos is airbrushing his cake and makes it the wrong color. Nelson notes that two teams are doing everything similarly and two teams are doing something else. Somebody's got the right idea and someone is wrong. Stuff is melting off of their cakes!

The gala begins. Johnny, Gail and Margaret arrive with Hubert Keller. Johnny notices ripples in the fondant on Matthew's cake. They taste. They love Matthew's layer which is a lemon pound cake with almond dacquiose, crème fraiche mousse and strawberry jam. Just something simple. Megan made a yellow butter cake with honey caramel cream, preserves and mocha praline feuilletine. Hubert likes the idea but Margaret wishes there were more color. Chris presents his chocolate sponge cake with praline jam and vanilla cremeux. Johnny says his cake tells a story. Melissa presents her cardamom sponge cake with ginger cream and strawberry jam. Johnny found the flavor bold and tasty. We see a guest of the gala say it was her favorite.

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