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The judges get all Matrix and say that Matthew's team's cake's simplicity lends itself to a great complexity. Hubert felt that the cake's appearance worked really well with the hall itself. Margaret loved the cardamom in Melissa's cake. Then, she tells Matthew that his was the least inspiring cake. Matthew's team wins the challenge!

The other teams are sent in. First though, they get applause from the other chefs. Johnny asks Craig why he thinks his team is in the bottom. He says that, in their attempt to step out of the box, they lost cohesion. Margaret agrees. Nelson gets props for the level of difficulty of his layer. Orlando says that he enjoyed the flavors in his cake and wanted to make something dense for the bottom layer. Johnny says that it's "crap" about being dense, since Nelson's layer created a dowel system. It didn't have to be dense. Hubert thinks Nelson's was the most professional. Johnny asks Nelson what he thought was the weakest component of their cake. Hubert prompts him, asking if he would have removed Craig's drum. No. He says that he would never remove the drum. He loves the drum. Oh my God, I wanna have Nelson's gingerbread children. That was so freaking sweet, no pun blah blah. Craig is so thrilled that he just stood up for his drum, he pats Nelson on the back.

Katzie says that she felt her team was cohesive and had a solid theme, but they suffered from imperfections in their work. Van feels that he should have edited. He tells Johnny that the musical instruments were his idea. Gail says that there was sloppiness in all three layers and Van says that someone should've stepped up to edit. Gail gets seriously eye-laser-y hardcore and asks why Van didn't step up. He says he was concentrating on his own piece and the problems that he was having. Katzie says that she was happy with the flavor of her cake, but Johnny says that he thought the texture was weird. Hubert tells Amanda that hers was his favorite cake. Van admits that his cake was overbaked. Margaret thinks that Van needed to turn up the volume and Gail agrees.

Margaret thinks that Katzie's team, while cohesive, was a visual mess, while Orlando's team had no cohesion but some real interest in the design. Johnny remarks that Orlando's cake was the only one that broke. Margaret asks he would like a broken cake or a really ugly cake. Broken cake! Johnny thinks that Katzie's team was a failure, Craig's was substandard and Van's cake was boring. They've made a decision.

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