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Floyd made, you guessed it, eggs with chanterelles, tomatoes, and spinach. Either the only ingredients in Top Chef Masters' kitchen were chanterelles, tomatoes, spinach, and bacon, or once you have achieved a certain level of cookery skills, the ONLY way to make an egg is with chanterelles, tomatoes, spinach and/or bacon. Frangela loved his omelet, which surprised a foul-mouthed Floyd as much as everyone else considering the dish looked like cat yarf. Finally, Traci offers eggs en cocotte with, yes, chanterelles and bacon. However, she has added a fruit salad of bananas with lime shavings on the side. Frangela comes into the kitchen to judge the chefs. Least favorites? Mary Sue's avocado sandwich and the inedible bread along with Traci's odd pairing of egg yolks and bananas. Winners? Eggs with chanterelles and tomatoes and bacon and spinach of course! Oh you want specifics? Floyd's omelet was "moist" (ew) and delicious while Hugh's baked eggs took the grand prize. He wins $5000 for his charity.

Next up is the Elimination Challenge. Five people in lab coats file into the room and stand behind a table of ingredients. While I secretly hope that these guests are forensic anthropologists (shut up, I do not watch Bones) here to explain the uses of the various ingredients we see spread across the table in the death rituals of Amazonian and Southeast Asian tribes, I think instead we are getting a molecular gastronomy challenge. As if Marcel hadn't tortured food enough! Curtis introduces the team of scientists: Carlin wants you to know that the elasticity makes pizza dough springy; Heidi discusses viscosity of liquids; Susan talks acidity; Augustine explains emulsion; and Michael, a physicist, demonstrates the "Maillard reaction" by hitting some beef with a flame thrower. If I believed in reincarnation, I would definitely want to come back as a cow who gets to end up as a slice of meat getting toasted by a scientist on a national television.

Since Hugh is the winner of the Quick Fire, he gets to choose his scientific principle first. He picks emulsion and nominates Traci to choose next. She takes acidity and Floyd. Floyd takes the "Maillard Reaction" and Mary Sue gets viscosity, leaving Naomi with elasticity. Curtis informs the chefs that they will be creating dishes to use for an interactive science fair for high school students tomorrow. In the inimitable words of Billy Mays: But wait there's more! Curtis explains that they will be cooking not with the luxurious GE Monogram appliances, but with beakers, Bunsen burners, and scientific equipment. None of the chefs can quite whip up the energy to do anything but stare blankly and sorta curl their lips in disgust. The chefs take some time to talk to get in touch with their inner science nerd and chat with their scientists. The chefs are trying to balance the science-y stuff with making delicious food that appeals to high school students. Currently it's a toss up for most likely to succeed: Naomi has decided to make Hot Pockets, while Mary Sue is going the sugar route and making dessert for the teens. Meanwhile, Floyd is talking about his dead dad, which is sad, but also a really strange editing choice.

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