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So let's start with the Quickfire. Kelly explains that each week, they will bring back a challenge from one of the seasons of Top Chef. Because they know everyone hates it, they'll be creating a dessert. The chefs moan and groan. Why does everyone hate dessert? I get the difference between cooking and baking; I love cooking and don't love baking. But there are desserts that are cooked. Plus, they're yummy. I don't get it. Kelly goes on to explain that they'll be judged by a group of Girl Scouts. When they did this competition in Season Four, the cheftestants got 90 minutes, but this group will only get 60.

The chefs scatter to the four corners of the kitchen to begin their desserts. As they cook, Tim Love jokes that he didn't train under anyone famous, which can be an advantage because it makes people nervous. They don't know where he's coming from or what he knows. He does a shot of tequila to take the edge off. I think he would be a fun cheftestant on a full season of the show. He's definitely a character. Hubert Keller explains that he's playing for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and he's cooking for kids.

Michael Schlow is working on a chocolate brownie, and some little chocolate candies. He's also sweating like a pig, and it's kind of grody. Can they get some AC up in there? Tim Love knows that his own kids love chocolate-covered strawberries, so he figures the Girl Scouts will, too. He's adding a chicken-fried strawberry and a strawberry milkshake. He's competing for March of Dimes, because his twins were preemies, and he knows how scary it can be.

Christopher Lee finds this an interesting challenge, because you want something that will please the children's palate but also not compromise your integrity as a chef. He settled for a variation on French toast that goes on a stick. Michael Schlow is having some problems, because his brownies aren't baking and his ice cream isn't solidifying. And then his mixer won't work. Hubert Keller offers up his mixer. Aw. How sweet. Michael Schlow has to kind of call an audible, so he scoops out some cake with a spoon, throws some sauces on top, adds a few candies to the plate, and calls it a day. He knows it's bad, although I don't know how much the girls care about presentation. We'll see. The chefs get to watch the girls as they eat and comment on the dishes, but the girls don't know they are watching.

Michael Schlow's dish goes out first. It's milk chocolate cake (which is kind of soupy) with a chocolate ganache, peanut butter chocolate candies, and honey almond cream, which I think was supposed to be ice cream. The girls dig in. They aren't in love with it, but they don't tear it to shreds, either. Backstage, the chefs laugh at the commentary, and Michael Schlow admits that his dish sucked.

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