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Tim Love is up next. He explains his mistake with the freezer, and Jay Rayner asks if he used the defrost function on the microwave. Tim says he did for his meat, but he had to get creative with the produce. The critics thought his steak and kale was a little overly salted. Kelly Choi asks if he would change anything, and Tim jokes that he had to make a lot of changes because of the freezing issue. The critics move on to Christopher Lee and his risotto. Lee explains that he was worried about that dish throughout prep, but he thinks it turned out okay, especially when you consider he made it in a dorm room. He also had trouble with searing the pork chop and not drying it out given the equipment he had, and the critics think he did well.

The chefs go back to their Stew Room and are thrilled to see alcohol waiting for them. The critics get to talking. They all agree that the chefs really pulled off great food given their limited equipment and space. They start off discussing Hubert Keller's food. Everyone is really impressed that he thought of using the shower. Okay. What did they think he was going to do? He had to drain it, and he needed water, so of course he went into the bathroom. And the sinks were tiny, so his only other choice was the shower. I mean, it was a great idea, but let's not act like he came up with a new flavor profile or something. It's kind of common sense. Backstage, the other chefs tease Keller on whether or not he was wearing clothes in the shower.

The critics didn't think Michael's cabbage soup came together because it didn't cook long enough, and they weren't impressed with the overcooked pork. Moving on to Tim, they are impressed that he pulled off his food given the freezer issue. The pozole is singled out as "a remarkable save," but the steak and kale was overseasoned. The critics move on to discuss Christopher's pork chop. Greene and Oseland thought there was too much business on the plate, but Rayner disagrees, saying that it needed something besides the meat. They're all super-impressed with the risotto. Backstage, the chefs talk about how scary it was to stand there and be critiqued. I notice that the critics are way more respectful to these chefs than they are to the cheftestants. At least so far. It's nice to see, but far less dramatic.

The chefs are called back in. First up is Michael Schlow. He started with 2 ½ stars from the Quickfire, and he adds 3 ½ stars from the diners, so he now has 6 stars. Gael Greene adds another 2 ½ stars, James Oselow adds 2 ½ stars, and Jay Rayner adds 2 ½ stars, so Michael Schlow finishes with thirteen stars.

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