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Hearts, Tongues, Stomachs and Ears

Rick Bayless is concerned because he's the king of slow food, and this is all about cooking quickly. Wilo has had a lot of different roles in the culinary world, and the common thread that has led to his success is passion for food. Ludo admits that he's really intense, and part of it comes from his French training, and how hard he was pushed. Cindy is shocked when she sees that there are only two minutes left and hurries to finish her food. She interviews that, when she started out, a lot of chefs didn't want women in the kitchen. They show the most adorable picture ever of Cindy in a giant chef's hat showing off a ham or something. I'm glad the show is addressing the sexism of the culinary world, at least in the past. Cindy thinks her strength is that she's stubborn and determined.

Rick says that he grew up in Oklahoma and was taught by an intuitive cook, so that's why he was drawn to Mexican food -- a lot of it is about intuition. Wilo spots some edible flowers and thinks the female judges will like it. Cindy and Ludo jokingly spar for space as he says that he doesn't share because he's French. Is that a stereotype of the French? As time winds down, Ludo runs out of time and asks Cindy to help him plate. Apparently, her stuff is all ready to go? She's supposed to put beet juice on his plates, but time runs out before he can finish. Ludo throws a little fit when he realizes that he forgot to put a tomato on his plate, since he left it sitting in the fridge. He curses up a storm. I wish he and Wylie Dufresne were in the same episode. The editors would have to work overtime to bleep out all the swears.

It's time to serve the judges. Ludo's dish is based around red. He serves steak tartare with watermelon, red onions, and beet gazpacho. It looks like a plate of placenta. I'm sorry. I know that's gross, but it's true. In addition to forgetting to put a tomato on the plate, the waiters forget to take the gazpacho out. He gets the waiters to take the gazpacho, but the judges think it makes the dish less appetizing, because it just looks like a puddle of blood. Gross.

Cindy's dish is based around yellow and serves yellow vegetable curry over sweet corn grits and fried corn tortillas. The judges like the variety of texture (crunchy, creamy, roasted) and shades of yellow. Cindy aims low, and is happy that they didn't spit it out.

Rick has green and serves roasted vegetables, mole verde with tomatillos, cilantro, green chiles, and pumpkin seeds served on a banana leaf. The judges call his dish complex and tasty.

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