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rying to decide where to put an apostrophe in that phrase, because I think you could make a case for many placements. And Bravo doesn't use one at all, so that's what I'm going with. The critics begin by talking about Michael, and they have tons of praise for his short rib. Gael even calls it "perfection." Michael says he was happy with the fish, but he admits that he hasn't cooked it in a long time. James comments that it seemed like a literal translation instead of "as inspired by."

The critics move on to Hubert, and want to discuss his stew. Hubert admits that the smell of the stew brought back incredible memories. They move on to discuss the lamb chop with the whole clove of garlic. James has to break the news that many of the diners felt that the garlic tasted raw. Hubert is shocked. I wonder if his sous chef did some of them? Kelly thought the vanilla in the sauce was too strong, and James says that it was a new flavor combination for his palate, but he ultimately liked it.

Rick talks about his final dish, the seafood stew. Gael admits that she's prejudiced about air, and she always hates it. James says that the seafood was overcooked, but he admires that Rick was trying to do something new. They move on to discuss Rick's mole. Gael says she was "shivering all over," so she had an orgasm? I guess that's a compliment, although she may want to consider getting out more.

The chefs leave and the critics start talking, Michael first. They loved his gnocchi. Gael didn't like the polenta in the jar, but she was won over by the flavors. They all agree that the fish was a little too simple, especially for this competition. And finally, they all loved the short rib and James even says that it was the best short rib he's ever had.

Next, they talk about Hubert. They loved his stew, and James says it was "simple and rustic" while also being "the pinnacle of elegance." They liked the salmon soufflé, but didn't think the texture was quite right. They also discuss how Hubert seemed really shocked when they said the garlic in the lamb chop was raw, and Jay says it made him like Hubert even more. And finally, they have nothing bad to say about his final dish, and James concludes that you feel "so cared for, so safe," when Hubert is cooking. Is he their chef or their nanny?

Finally, the critics discuss Rick's food. They were impressed by how refined Rick made his barbecued quail. When it comes to the mole, the critics can't praise it highly enough, and Jay suggests that they all just make "strange guttural noises" for a few minutes to describe how they felt. The seafood in his stew was overcooked, but they liked that he put seafood and chorizo together.

It's time to reveal the scores and find out who wins! The scores are as follows: Diners + James + Jay + Gael = Total.

Michael: 4.5 + 3.5 + 4.5 + 4.5 = 17 Stars

Hubert: 4 + 4.5 + 4 + 4 = 16.5 Stars. So Hubert is out, by only half a star.

Rick: 4.5 + 4.5 + 4.5 + 4.5 = 18 Stars. So Rick is the winner. And Michael was kind of right, because it was Oseland's score that made the difference. The other chefs hug Rick and hail him as the winner. Michael and Hubert both say that they are thrilled that Rick won, and that they all ended up with some money for their charities. So that's it! Overall, it was an interesting experiment, but I think I liked the second half, the Championship round, much better. I like getting a chance to know the chefs a little better, and that's hard to do if they're only on one episode. But it was interesting to see the struggles some of them had with the format, and knowing that it's not just the cheftestants' inexperience that causes problems at times. And since this one went well, I bet they will be able to get even more participation if they do another round.

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