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The cheftestants gather for their critiques. Alex, George, and Celina are called first -- a switch-up from previous weeks because they're actually the cheftestants who were least successful. The losers admit the environment was chaotic and have a new respect for fast food employees. The judges take issue that Celina's wrap was both bland and not actually a wrap, though her cauliflower was tasty. George's skewer was executed improperly and didn't fulfill the criteria of fast food. He insists he wasn't turning up his nose to fast food. Alex admits he was out of his element and had to improvise on the fly.

The bottom three head back to the stew room and call Mary Sue, Traci, and Floyd to the critics' table. Curtis quickly qualifies that these cheftestants are lucky they weren't being judged solely on service. Oseland deems Floyd's "genius," and Sytsma commends its sensual texture. Curtis is predictably effusive about Traci's burrito and says it perfectly fit the challenge. Mary Sue admits she took a gamble with her fritters, but the critics think it paid off. But who wins? It's food truck purveyor Mary Sue, who'll take home another $10,000 for Share Our Strength. Oseland says, "In any context -- fast food, slow food -- what you made for us today was fantastic food." Mary Sue promises to put the quinoa fritters on her menu.

With the winner announced, the critics must contemplate the losers. They think Alex's flavors were off and had many elements that distracted from his vision. They think he struggled to adapt. On the other hand, you couldn't eat Celina's dish without utensils. The pancake itself was too sweet, and the filling was flavorless. George's dish was too simple, without anything to make it stand out. Oseland reiterates that it was ugly, and Curtis echoes that George didn't adapt well to the challenge. But who goes home? Is it Alex's incohesive tacos, George's ugly skewers, or Celina's messy pancake? It's George, who'll get a donation for his charity regardless. George thinks he took a risk that didn't pay off, but playing safe would have been pointless.

Next week: A seven-minute quickfire and a tour bus challenge with the herp-infested members of Maroon 5.

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