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The Twosies are likewise discussing their menu and decide to take inventory of what they have in the Top Chef kitchens. They send Ilan. Marcel tells Elia that he thinks it would be cool if she did both seared and raw scallops. Elia's white hair just looks at him. Ilan pokes around on the spice shelf and in the fairly-empty looking fridge while the Onesies try to hold their super-secret menu meeting. Dave makes a noise to stop Stephen from finishing a sentence about how something would be really cool "if." The Onesies stop talking altogether and Stephen makes a hysterical face at his team like, "What the hell is Hairoglyphic Boy doing?" Dave has a bitchy hand on his hip as he purses his lips and looks pissed. Tiffani mutters just passive-aggressively loud enough for Ilan to hear, "We'll go outside next time." Awesome -- that was the perfect opportunity for Tiffani to act like Tiffani to great and deserving effect. Stephen tells us that he thinks Ilan is the most immature cheftestant on Season Two. We cut back to Ilan snacking on the spices and making yummy noises in such a way that you know he just thinks he's the cutest thing ever. So, if the other side of Ilan's head is the NY skyline, is the thing I took to be a Native American fish maybe the Brooklyn Bridge? Completely fed up with Ilan being both a camera hog and a snoop, the Onesies take off.

The cheftestants converge on Fresh Market and shop for their dinners. Elia says that she's doing a duo of scallops and her idea is to do one raw and one cooked. Aha, that's why they showed Marcel telling her he thought she should do both raw and cooked. Because she's trying to claim it as her idea. This could get good. Dave tells us, "I'm working with a team, so that's what it's about -- it's not about me." Except when you're whining about not being listened to or when Tiffani is bossing you, then it's a little bit about you, right Dave? Dave says he's doing cold-smoked scallops with a triple olive tapenade, "and Mediterranean flavors. My style? No. But within the theme of the menu." Dave, I do love you, but if it's not going to be about you, don't, you know, MAKE it about you.

Sam and Ilan shop for their dishes, with Ilan admitting he's trying something that branches out from his Spanish comfort zone.

And here comes the wine. With their extra bit of cash, Stephen wants to do -- say it with me -- a wine pairing. Well, fine, he's the leader and they have the ducats, so go crazy.

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