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Veterans' Day

Padma has a big announcement to make that comes out of nowhere: Stefan, CJ, and Josie are not just there as judges. They are now going to join the competition. Tyler interviews that he's upset about this turn of events, and Josh turns and mutters to him team that they all suck and he's probably going to get in fights now. Why would that be his first reaction? "Oh, the veterans are back; guess I'll have to fight them." Does that seem bizarre to anyone else? I'm starting to worry about Josh's mental health status. Micah looks at it as a chance to beat the best. Stefan interviews that he lost to Hosea in his season, and everyone he meets tells him that he should have won. Well, obviously. I mean, Hosea.

Padma explains that the Elimination Challenge will be a team challenge, so they'll just stay in their teams. Poor Lizzie probably wants to take a knife to her wrists or Carla's throat. The veterans will form their own team. CJ interviews that he just spent time cooking at a restaurant in Copenhagen that's been voted the best restaurant in the world three times, so he's excited for the judges to taste his food now.

So here's the Elimination Challenge: each team will serve one dish using regional ingredients to the judges plus local legend Tom Douglas at the restaurant on top of the Space Needle. They will have forty-seven minutes to prep and cook their dish; that's how long it takes the Space Needle to rotate once. They now have thirty minutes to shop the pantry.

Padma leaves and the cheftestants race to find their ingredients. Kuniko tells her team that she wants to cook the cod in chili oil. John and Sheldon agree, and John interviews that he's never seen that done before, and he loves that Kuniko is challenging him with her choices. Stefan and CJ decide to do a seafood dish, but to also bring along some quail just in case. Danyele, Eliza, and Josh pick out an enormous fish, but they don't know what it is. They can't figure out if it's monkfish, cod, or salmon, but they decide to take it anyway, and figure it out later. That seems dangerous, especially for the team that just came in last on the Quickfire. Lizzie is really worried about cooking with Carla, based on what went down during the Quickfire, and she doesn't want to embarrass herself in front of Tom Douglas. I like Lizzie; I hope she doesn't get screwed over because Carla is a mess.

The cheftestants leave the kitchen and head to their new apartment, where we learn that Brooke is afraid of heights and not looking forward to cooking in the Space Needle. As they stand around in the kitchen after dinner, Eliza takes a survey of who's married. Jeffrey says he's not married, but he wears a ring that he explains is an engagement ring. Someone says that she (meaning his fiancée) must have said he had to wear a ring if he was going on television, and Jeffrey corrects, "He." And then everyone applauds which is really weird like, "Yay, you're gay!" but I get that they wanted to make it clear that they didn't feel like, "Boo, you're gay." It was still an odd reaction. I blame the wine. Jeffrey interviews that he didn't come out until he was 25, and his dad didn't care, but his mom didn't take it so well, but now they love his fiancé.

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