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Veterans' Day

Once those three get in front of the judges, Padma congratulates them on winning this challenge. John says that they really collaborated on the dish, and they explain that Kuniko did the fish and Sheldon did the dashi. Emeril wants to know more about the fish poached in chili oil. Kuniko explains that she's never cooked the cod that way before, and Colicchio says that she should do it that way again. John takes credit for the spot prawn, and Gail really liked it. Tom Douglas thought the dish was the essence of Seattle. Since there can only be one winner, Emeril has to pick a winner. He loved the collaboration of the dish, but the cod was really the star, so Kuniko is the winner. She apparently doesn't get a cookbook or cash prize.

When they walk back into the kitchen, the veterans are STILL going on and on about the best way to be in this competition. Their mouths shut up pretty quick when John announces that the Veterans and the team of Jeffrey, Brooke, and Bart need to go see the judges. Once they're gone, Josh starts squeaking about how it's bullshit to say that the veterans don't have an advantage. John points out that they're on the chopping block right now, and Josh just sputters ineffectually. I don't know if I've ever disliked a cheftestant so intensely so quickly.

There is some weird camera work as the two losing teams face the judges, with the camera doing fast zooms. Am I watching a Jackie Chan movie? Anyway, Padma asks Josie why she thinks they are there, and Josie tries to equivocate, finally saying that she thinks their dish may have been missing texture. CJ says that he cooked the veg, and Emeril wants to know who cooked the quail. Stefan says that he did, and Tom asks how he likes it cooked. Stefan says he likes it rare or medium rare. So Tom asks the leading question of why they are on the bottom, since it obviously has to do with the doneness of the quail. Stefan quickly tries to say that the problem was with the dish overall. Finally, Tom says that the quail was overcooked, and Stefan tries to say that the quail was really small but realizes that's a terrible excuse and finally just says he has no excuse and he's sorry. Just say that in the first place! It's not like you can fool the judges into thinking the quail was cooked perfectly.

Moving on to the other team, Bart is surprised to be there. Brooke thinks they had some difficulty coming up with the dish in the first place, because Bart is Mr. Classic Sauce and she is Ms. Rustic. Emeril questions Jeffrey about the fish, and Gail adds that there was a hard sear on both sides and the center was quite dry. Padma thought Bart's sabayon lacked any kind of flavor. Looks like Brooke's in the clear.

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