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The two teams return to the Stew Room and talk about how the judges will ferret out your doubts and weaknesses and pounce on them. Meanwhile, Tom says that they were both good concepts for dishes, but there were cooking issues on both sides. The judges had a lot of problems with the flavorless sabayon, and the fact that Jeffrey overcooked the fish by a factor of about five. On the other side, the judges thought the quail dish was murky and lacked acid, and Stefan has no excuse for overcooking it. Back in the Stew Room, John asks Stefan if he's nervous, and Stefan says that he wants to throw up and CJ adds that it's "super terrifying."

The two teams return to the Judges' Table to find out who's going home. Lots more zooming camera work, and then with little to no preamble, Padma tells Jeffrey to pack his knives and go. Tom tells him that overcooking the fish was a terrible mistake. Padma has tears in her eyes as she apologizes that they won't get to see more of his food. I do feel bad for Jeffrey. I don't think he's a terrible chef. I think he was nervous about the time factor and started his fish too early, which meant it was overcooked. Well, it had to be someone.

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