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Spike explains that he seasoned his shrimp with salmon roe, and it was spicy, but then Angelo and Tiffani tossed his first three plates because they thought it would be too spicy. They did? How was that not on camera? Because what we saw was Angelo and Tiffani adding to food that was already plated? I'm confused. Tre is stifling a laugh. Spike says he just got overtaken and then Angelo threw some yuzu gelee in there. Padma asks if they got Spike's permission to do that, and Spike admits that they did, but he acts like he's so tired and over it all. I think he would be better off admitting fault. I think the judges like it when you can explain what's wrong with your dish and what you should have done differently, because everyone has off nights, and that shows that at least you had a good concept and good technique, but maybe the equipment was different than you're used to or whatever. Gail says that she thought Spike's dish was too sweet. Colicchio thinks the problem was bland shrimp. Tony thought it was a good soup, but too many chefs were in the kitchen. Tom brings up the obvious, that Angelo has been accused of sabotage in the past, and wonders if that's what's at play here. Tiffany admits that she was on the Angelo sabotage train in the past, but now she would rather be eliminated because of something she did herself rather than something someone else did to her dish. I think I would tell Angelo to keep his stinking hands out of my food. Tiffany suppresses a smirk like there is so much more she wanted to say, but she's holding back.

Gail asks Tiffany if she dressed her salad before serving, and Tiffany says that she did. Gail thought it was overdressed, and also didn't love the spice rub on the tuna. Tom pinpoints the problem as the spices having no finish, like a bad wine. Moving on to Tre, Tony asks if having immunity was in the back of his mind, because his salmon was overcooked and oily. Tre just kind of shrugs, and doesn't throw Angelo under the bus, because why? Tre knows he's not going home, and neither is Angelo, so what would be the point?

Padma thinks Casey's dish was kind of heavy, but Casey counters by saying that it was actually hearty. Padma calls it too much of a good thing, because there was a lot of pork loin. Tony adds that it's all about perception, and with more grain, it would have been healthier. Casey doesn't get it, so I guess this is her fighting for her dish.

The cheftestants are excused and the judges deliberate. Back in the Stew Room, Casey doesn't want to talk about it, because she thinks it doesn't matter. Spike says he told the judges that he thought there were too many hands in his dish, and he should have told everyone to back off and plated it himself. Well, he didn't tell the judges that. They told him that, kind of. Tiffany adds, "At the end of the day, you're responsible for your own plate."

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