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The judges discuss the food. Gail says what the strategy should have been, which is to just make good food, since you can't control what your opponent does. Padma thinks it's lucky that Tre had immunity, and Tony wonders if maybe he phoned it in, because he knew he wasn't going home regardless. His dish does seem pretty lame, even if it were perfectly done. They all agree that Spike's shrimp needed salt, which is no one's fault but Spike's, and that he should have told everyone to leave his food alone (which is also Spike's fault). They think Casey's dish was too protein-heavy, even though Casey disagreed with that assessment. Gail wanted more of a farro salad. They all think that Tiffany's dish was underseasoned and lacking something. So who's going home?

The cheftestants come back out to find out who will be eliminated. Tom starts out by telling them that they seemed to get in the weeds and couldn't get their dishes out in time, which is where the trouble started. Tom thinks Casey had a decent dish, but just went up against someone better. He says that Tre gave the main part of his dish to someone else. So someone did tell the judges that Angelo did the salmon. Did Tre? Why not show that? Tom tells Spike that they liked his soup but the shrimp was underseasoned, and tells Tiffany that she gave them a bland piece of tuna. I really thought it was going to be Tiffany for some reason, but no. Spike is told to pack his knives and go. In his exit interview, Spike says that he got screwed, and that there are cheftestants left that aren't as good as he is. Spike is also pissed that Jamie got to stay without serving any food. Can't blame him. Spike still thinks he's the best of the best. He might want to work on his ridiculous hair, though. You can't wear a hat every day. I think that's the lesson that we've all learned.

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