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The next few dishes pass quickly without much comment from the judges. Spike made a stuffed quail with raisins, herbs, port, and apricot glaze. He admits that he used lemongrass spears to plate it. Marcel made a whole squab, stuffing with raisin brioche, cherries, currants, and ras el hanout gravy. Blais made a pressure-cooked onion, nitro fried fennel, raisins, and pine nuts. Tre made Southwestern stuffing with bacon, cheddar, bell pepper, chili powder, which Tony says has a nice kick to it. Dale made Spanish influenced stuffing with crab, oysters, chili lemon aioli, grapes, and olives.

Tiffani made soy maple stuffing with quail, grilled mushrooms, and quartered grapes. She says that she never broke down a bird with a pepper mill before and Tony advises her to make sure they don't use that pepper mill anymore. Fabio explains his polenta bread, vegetables, smoked bacon, and grated parmesan. He tells them how he grated his cheese, and no one seems as impressed as he is with himself.

Tony talks about his least favorites. First is Carla's food, since the quinoa was undercooked and it wasn't really a stuffing, so even if it had been cooked properly, she might not have placed higher. Tony says it might have been delicious if he had poured milk over it in a cereal bowl. Tiffani's dish was overly sweet, which she kind of knew in advance. Tony feels that Casey's dish seemed more like an plated appetizer than stuffing.

Tony's favorite dishes belong to Tre, whose food was spicy but balanced. Tre and Dale exchange fist bumps. He also liked Marcel's food, because the stuffing and bird both tasted great. And the winner is Tre, because his stuffing showed the most resourcefulness and the best flavor. He is more than psyched to get immunity as well as $20,000. Look at Tre, making a run!

Padma moves right into the Elimination Challenge, and announces that the cheftestants will be cooking at the home of the US Open, where the players have to eat healthy, high-energy food. The cheftestants draw tennis balls out of cans to determine their teams, either Orange or Yellow. Team Orange ends up being Mike, Carla, Blais, Fabio, Dale, Antonia, and Marcel. That means Team Yellow is Angelo, Spike, Jamie, Casey, Tre, Tiffani, and Tiffany. Carla likes her team, except she thinks that Fabio might overthink the challenge. Spike, on the other hand, is concerned because he has no allies on his team. All of his bros are on the other team, it seems. As they stand together, I can't tell if Angelo is really tall or if everyone else is really short. Also, can Angelo please cut it out with the white pants? He looks even dorkier than usual in those things.

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