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Then the segment that I haven't missed: shopping at Whole Foods. Carla knows that her team doesn't believe in her dish, but she does. Tre tells us that he used to be fat, but slimmed down with diet and exercise, so he feels good about making a healthy dish. Angelo and Tiffany are both making fish. Angelo picks out a bunch of mackerel. A whack of mackerel? A pack of mackerel? I looked it up and it's either a shoal or a school of mackerel. BO-RING!

The teams arrive at the US Open kitchen, and get to cooking. Marcel is psyched about his team. Really? Marcel? Is psyched about his team? I guess if he has to be on a team, he's happy about this one. Blais is, of course, cooking some lamb sous vide. And making something he calls "Thai-boulleh" because it's like tabbouleh, but it's Thai-inspired. Carla is sorting beans, and she interviews that she's a runner, so she knows the kinds of food that athletes need. Antonia, on the other hand, admits that she never played sports in high school, and mostly just sat around and smoked pot. Is it weird that now I like her more? Not because she smoked pot, but because of how she admitted it.

Antonia is a little worried that Fabio is making gnocchi (AGAIN?), since it will kind of weigh people down, not give them energy. Seriously, why not just eat a pile of mashed potatoes and then try to play tennis? No, thank you. Fabio asks Mike for confirmation on how to improve his dish somehow. Fabio is distressed to find that the large mixer doesn't have a paddle attachment, so he puts the potatoes through what looks like a meat grinder but I guess could also be a potato ricer or food mill and then makes the gnocchi by hand. Sigh. I don't care how good his gnocchi is, but he needs to show some versatility.

Over on Team Yellow, Casey is making a pork dish with farro, which she thinks will be both tasty and healthy. Jamie is working on cooking her dried chickpeas, and she's worried they won't get done in time. Foreshadowing! Angelo discovers that his whack of mackerel are wack. He describes them as "slimy and gross inside," and I thank him for not serving them. Angelo asks Tre for some of his salmon, and Tre's like, "Hell, no. " I support that; sure, Tre has immunity but maybe he bought just enough salmon to make his dish and doesn't really have extra. Or maybe Angelo should figure out something to make that doesn't involve fish. Anyway, Angelo gets some extra tuna from Tiffany, who interviews that she gave it to him because she's not into playing games and strategizing.

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