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Colicchio pops into the kitchen and asks Jamie about her team's strategy. Jamie says she can't reveal it, because her opponents might hear it. Tom goes from person to person and no one will tell him. He finally catches Angelo and Spike alone and they tell him the strategy, adding that they think the other team will put Blais first. It kind of cracks me up how everyone seems to think Blais is the best chef and yet he hasn't won any Elimination Challenges yet. Granted, he was disqualified in the first one, but still. Colicchio immediately grasps their strategy but doesn't comment one whether or not he approves.

So then Carla is chopping food and loses focus for a second and cuts half her fingernail off. Luckily, they show it dripping blood, so I can verify the injury. GROSS! I would have taken your word for it, show. The medic shows up and Dale tells us that he heard the medic telling her to go to the hospital, but Carla just bandages it up, gloves it up, and moves on. She tells the medic that it hurts, but she's not going to pass out, and she's more worried about her prep right now. Antonia points out that parallels to Jamie's situation from two episodes ago, and Carla mutters, "It's an inconvenience" as she chops away with her now heavily-gloved hand. Brilliant.

Angelo is apparently done early as he is wandering around hovering over other people's food. Jamie tells him that her chickpeas aren't done, and she needs them to be finished because time is running out. Meanwhile, Spike overpoached his shrimp so he has to quickly cook up another batch and doesn't have time to season them. Doesn't have time? How hard is it to throw SOMETHING in there? An herb? Cook them in wine or broth of some sort? Something? SALT? I don't know.

The cheftestants enter the tennis courts and of course Marcel has to make a dumb analogy to being a gladiator in an arena because he is a dorkasaurus. Angelo says that he feels like he's in a fighter jet and at least Marcel's analogy made some sense. Tennis court as fighter jet? What is he even talking about?

Everyone gets to their last-minute preparations. Jamie knows that the first thing she needs to do is get her chickpeas in the pressure cooker so they can potentially finish cooking. I don't know why she didn't use a pressure cooker from the start, unless they didn't have one in the kitchen? Or she was scared of it? Casey points out that the other team is set up way at the other end of the court, so they don't know anything about their dishes. That might hurt their strategy. The Yellow Team gathers to taste each person's dish in order to determine who will go first. Jamie won't let anyone taste hers as she says that it's still not done. I don't know what she's doing, but those chickpeas are not in a pressure cooker. It seems like she's got them in an open pot, which hardly seems like the best way to cook something quickly. I just looked up how to cook dried chickpeas, because I never have, and there are about a thousand different methods, but most seem to involve overnight soaking (not possible), a pressure cooker, or a slow cooker (not enough time). I really don't know what Jamie was thinking, other than she's probably done it before and it turned out fine. Anyway, Spike says that Jamie's unfinished dish probably counts as the worst dish, so Jamie will be up first. And what Spike says goes, right?

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