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Team Orange sends up Carla and Team Yellow has to decide between Jamie's undercooked beans or Tre, who has immunity. I read a blog comment somewhere that suggested that Team Yellow should have put Tre in charge of deciding service order, since he has immunity. He wouldn't really care if he served or not, since he has immunity, but he also would REALLY want his team to win, since he could potentially win then. I don't know, it makes just as much sense as serving your worst dish first. Casey points out that if Tre loses, he won't be up for elimination, and then only two of them will be up for elimination. Mike has zero confidence in Carla, and he stands right in front of her while she's plating and basically says, "Welp, I'll be serving against Jamie. Better start plating." Dude! So rude. Meanwhile, Angelo offers to help Tre, so Tre has him cook the salmon for his dish. Jamie notes that a few of them are burned. Shouldn't Jamie be cooking her stupid chickpeas? Anyway, Carla serves African groundnut soup with baked sweet potatoes, adzuki beans, and peanuts versus Tre's Coho salmon, parsnip puree, olive oil sauce with citrus, tomatoes, and olives. I think Carla's soup looks amazing and it's making me really hungry. Taylor likes the salmon. Tony loves Carla's soup, as does Padma. Gail mentions that the salmon was a bit overcooked, and Carla's soup was really spicy. BUT, she loves spicy food, so Carla gets it. Carla turns around and ululates in victory. I love that Dale and Blais both take off at a sprint to hug her. Take that, stupid Mike. And Dale. And everyone who doubted Carla's awesomeness. Carla and her bandaged finger celebrate with her team, as they are the winners.

Meanwhile, Team Yellow is trying to figure out where it all went wrong. Tre mentions that the judges thought the salmon was overcooked. Tiffany thinks Spike's plan was stupid. Well, you didn't follow Spike's plan, so we won't know if it was stupid or not, right? I mean, it all fell apart when the worst dish wasn't served first. Jamie admits that she dodged a bullet since she didn't have to serve, since she probably would have lost the point and would be up for elimination. This was a dumb challenge. Everyone should have had to serve and they should have cut out the tennis-style scoring.

Weird interstitial. Mike is goofy in the stew room. People dance and act the fool. It's fun. That was a perfect weird interstitial. Didn't add anything to the plot, so I could have skipped it, but it was fun to watch, so I'm glad I didn't.

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