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Thai German? Really?

The cheftestants return to the kitchen and find their sous chefs -- Kumiko, Chrissy, Carla, and Eliza. Josh interviews that he's basing his restaurant concept around his late father's favorites. Josh earns some sympathy when he says that his father passed away unexpectedly three years ago, since my mom died suddenly almost eight years ago and I still miss her every goddamned day. Anyway, Josh's dad liked simple meat and potatoes food, so that's what Josh is going to cook.

Josie explains her restaurant concept to Kumiko; it's called Home 305 which I guess is the area code for Miami? Anyway, Josie's cooking homestyle Cuban food. Lizzie's concept is based on a recent trip to Northern Italy, which isn't what most people think of when they think of Italian food; it's more influenced by German and Austrian food. Micah gets Kumiko to cut his fish, because he's no dummy. Josh interviews the same thing I said earlier -- that raw food doesn't seem to highlight your talents as a chef.

Tom shows up and talks to Stefan about his concept, which is Thai German. That's a fusion I've never seen before and never thought I'd see. We'll see if Stefan can make it work. Tom clearly gets a kick out of Stefan. Next, he visits Brooke, who explains that she's making an elevated matzoh ball soup with rye bread, because her concept is Jewish food gone awry, like challah ham sandwiches, and she plans to call it Unkosher. That's creative but also seems a little... offensive? Like people who keep kosher aren't like people who eat raw food. It's not just a lifestyle choice, it's a religious belief. Maybe I'm being overly sensitive. If I knew for sure if Brooke were Jewish, that might make a difference. It's like that Jewish magazine Heeb. If it were written and produced by a bunch of Christians, it would be offensive. Since it's written and produced by Jews, it's less so, although I do remember the title engendering controversy when it debuted. [Note: There's actually a restaurant near the Hasidic section of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, more cleverly called Traif (which means unkosher) that was definitely the source of controversy.-- Rachel]

Kristen tells Tom that though she's already won money, she wants to continue winning. Her concept is French contemporary. Tom wishes everyone luck and peaces out. Everyone wraps all their food on the racks and thanks the sous chefs.

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