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Time is up! Grayson made a ricotta buttermilk pancake with peach compote and basil. She made them look, as mentioned previously, like Minnie Mouse. Pee-wee tastes them, makes weird faces, and then says it's the best pancake he's ever had. Grayson is psyched. Oh, just wait. Sarah made confetti pancakes, blackberry sauce, cocoa nibs, and vanilla whipped cream. That seems really, really sweet. Then again, some people drown their pancakes in maple syrup, which is also sweet. Pee-wee also says they are the best pancakes he's ever had. Lindsay's like, "Aw, it was schtick. Boooo."

Paul made a rolled pancake (which looks like a crepe) with berries, black pepper, and champagne Dippin' Dots. Paul claims it's the first time he's ever made pancakes. Was he raised in a communist country? Who's never made pancakes? Anyway, Pee-wee says they're the best pancakes he's ever had, and Paul's like, "Thanks." I think that compliment is losing some punch at this point.

Lindsay made ricotta pancakes, whipped crème fraiche, marcona almond and anise cookies. That sounds pretty good but also like something you could get for brunch at any urban restaurant. Pee-wee gives his compliment and we move on. Ed explains that he always liked the edges of the pancakes, so he made pancake bits, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, bacon, and bruleed marshmallow. That sounds awesome. I'm glad he included bacon to cut all the sweetness, though. Best pancake, yada yada, and we're done.

Time for judging. Since Pee-wee is not a foodie, he doesn't get to give critiques to the less successful dishes. He just says that he thought one person changed things up and surprised him, and that person is Ed. I can see that, but it's a little annoying that we didn't get to hear ANYTHING about how the food tasted because Pee-wee's "joke" got in the way. I mean, Padma could have said something, right? It's Ed's first Quickfire win, and he hopes he's starting a streak.

Elimination Challenge. They're going back to the Alamo, because that's where Pee-wee went in his movie Pee-wee's Big Adventure. So each cheftestant gets a map to the Alamo, a bike, and a hundred bucks. They have to find their own food and a kitchen in which to cook it, and then deliver their dish to the Alamo for judging. This is dumb. First of all, obviously the kitchens have been set up ahead of time by production. It's not like they are just busting into restaurants and asking to cook there. So that eliminates the only possible interesting part of this, which is that they might not find a place to cook. And then second, I want to see these people cook the best food that they can, and if one of them got eliminated because he or she fell off his or her bike, that would be lame. Let's eliminate the people who can't get creative with their food. Ugh, I hate this whole idea. Stop being stupid, show.

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