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I Know You Are, But What Am I?

The judges move on to Grayson's stuffed chicken. Gail likes the yolk inside the chicken, and thinks the squash is great. Tom likes the squash and bacon, but doesn't understand the fresh salad addition. It's sort of like a fall dish and a spring dish on the same plate. I get what he's saying; it's like pumpkin and asparagus: both can be delicious, but you wouldn't eat them together. It's why lamb and asparagus goes well together. They're both spring foods. Then there's a dumb joke about runny yolks that doesn't bear repeating.

What about Paul's food? Gail loves the Thai flavors, but Padma thinks it's a little too sweet with not enough heat. Tom disagrees, and says that the use of the pickled vegetables cuts into the sweetness. Pee-wee points out that Paul's plate is emptier than any of the others. Well, he may have just made smaller portions.

Pee-wee says that, overall, he was happy with his lunch. Gail gives a contractually-obligated comment about how cool the challenge was. No, it wasn't cool, Gail. It was dumb. Let's all just pretend it never happened. You know what else I'm going to pretend never happened? Padma trying to say, "I know you are, but what am I?" Padma, don't pretend like you've seen any of Pee-wee's work. What do you think Padma watches on TV? She's probably one of those people who doesn't own a television. Or (and someone actually said this to me in real life) has a small black and white TV that she keeps on a rolling cart in the closet, and only rolls it out to watch shows on PBS once in a while. Don't worry, I immediately punched that person in the face. It's handled.

Weird interstitial. In the Stew Room, Ed tries to climb completely under one of the chairs, unsuccessfully. Hilarity ensures.

In the Stew Room, the cheftestants talk about how sad they are that one of them has to leave. Padma calls all of them in to face the judges, and Grayson jokes that they stand as one, but they leave as four. Once they are in front of the judges, Padma tells them that they did a great job, and Pee-wee thanks them for the delicious lunch. Tom agrees that the food looked amazing, and was so good that it will come down to tiny things to separate the top from the bottom. Gail again tries to pretend like it was a fun challenge. Lindsay relates how she couldn't find a kitchen (like it mattered in the end) and Ed tells the tale of how the bed and breakfast owners put him to work making breakfast. That gets a big laugh.

But let's be serious now. Padma opens with discussion of Paul's Thai chicken salad. Pee-wee likes that they had the option of skin on or skin off (they did?), and Gail loved the pieces of chicken skin. Gail didn't think that the mix of flavors was always right on, because some elements were too sweet, and Padma thought it needed more crunchy texture.

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