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Gail thinks that all five chefs are really great, and it's a shame to let one of them go. I hope this isn't a precursor to one of those lame non-elimination eliminations. Pee-wee jokes that all of the dishes needed ketchup. Ha ha, not. That is useful. Stop talking, Pee-wee. I like you. I have fond memories of your show and movies. I think you got a raw deal in the public masturbation case. But stop sullying my food shows with your jokes. It's a bad fit. Anyway, Padma says that she loved Sarah's vegetables and eggs, but they lacked seasoning. Gail notes that seasoning is really critical at this stage in the competition because no one is making huge mistakes. It comes down to the details.

Tom had a bigger problem with Ed's dish because his chicken was borderline undercooked. Pee-wee just didn't like the texture. Gail thinks there are faster, tastier ways to cook chicken. Padma points out that Grayson had giant chicken breasts in her dish, and Tom thinks she made a mistake including both butternut squash and tomatoes. So all three of them made mistakes, but which mistake will send that cheftestant home?

The bottom three come back out and Tom sums up what each cheftestant did wrong. Ed's chicken breast was slightly undercooked. Grayson used a too-big chicken breast but mixed too many ingredients in. Sarah's eggs were underseasoned. Padma announces that Grayson is done. Sarah is all dramatic about it, like she cares. Grayson says that she's proud of her food, and she did her best. She's sad to be eliminated but she's been pushed to try new things and she has no regrets. The final five share a group hug and Grayson leaves.

The final four share a toast and then Padma walks in. Uh oh. That's never good. Padma asks them to come back out to Judges' Table. Once they get out there, Padma congratulates them on making it this far. Tom explains about Last Chance Kitchen, and they watch a short clip of the various competitions without seeing who won each one or who is left. But we know that Grayson and Beverly are the final two, so one of them will be rejoining the competition next week. If Beverly gets back in, I will be so mad. I think Last Chance Kitchen was an interesting addition to the show, but I think they should have done it more like Survivor, where someone rejoins the competition about halfway through, and then again at the finals. I guess that would have ruined the element of surprise, but whatever. We'll find out soon whether it's Beverly or Grayson.

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