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Ming talks to the cameras out of earshot of the teams. He compliments Team Vietnam's summer rolls, but thinks the pho, which was a bit dry, fell short. With Team Korea, he really liked their braised pork but thinks the panna cotta custard was really heavy.

As the teams clean up, we see Josie throwing out uneaten food. I know they probably had to throw it out because of sanitation and health codes in California, but it doesn't look good to catch it on camera at a charity event.

Judges' Table. When asked by Padmadala what she thinks of the two teams' performances, Gail thinks that both teams were on the ball. Colicchio comments that Team Vietnam had a leader and Team Korea did not, and the fact that Team Korea did not have a team leader showed. Ming says how much he liked Team Korea's pork but admits the rice was mushy, "And Tom and I know this: if you're in the kitchen and you make bad rice, you make it again." Ming, you and Tom aren't the only one who know this. Padmadala's from India. They have rice there, so stop being all boys club with Tom. "Sticky rice notwithstanding," Padmadala says, "I would have rather eaten the Korean pork than the Vietnamese pork. I agree with you, if you can't make rice, you shouldn't be in the kitchen, but I still think that the Korean pork was so superior in taste, texture, everything." Wow, she gets to have an actual opinion. Go, Padmadala! Colicchio brings up the rubbery panna cotta, which Ming calls a "hockey puck." Gail says there were a lot of things about the Vietnamese dishes that weren't perfect, and while she preferred the Korean pork dish to the Vietnamese pork dish, she still thinks Team Vietnam pulled it together much better. Padmadala admits to being on the fence because she loved the Korean pork, but she also loved Team Vietnam's cucumber-aloe drink. Colicchio goes on about how well Betty did at selling her team's food, "It's a pleasure for her to serve you." Gail agrees that these events are a lesson in public relations, because you really have to sell your food. Padmadala gets up to bring the teams in and Ming TOTALLY checks out her ass as she walks away!

Padmadala asks Team Vietnam to follow her. Ted Ilan has a glass of wine in his hand. I guess the sangria didn't put him off wine, just fruit-filled wine. After Padmadala and Team Vietnam leave, Marcel walks around and tells Team Korea that he thinks they did well: "I'm stoked, and I will be surprised if it goes any differently than I expect it to." Prepare to be surprised, Teen Wolf.

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