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Colicchio calls the team over to them. "Shit," Marisa mutters. Colicchio wants to know at what point they realized the lychees weren't paid for. Marisa opens her mouth to say something. "Just now," Marcel says, popping into the frame. "No, not you," Colicchio tells him, "Keep chopping." Hee. Go away, Troll Doll. However, unless Marcel is totally lying -- and I don't believe he is -- saying that he just found out now supports the idea that Otto did not make a statement in front of everyone that he thinks they didn't get charged for the lychees. Colicchio wants Marisa to answer his question, "I knew they weren't paid for because Otto closed the door and he told me that we got a case of lychees that we didn't have to pay for." Colicchio asks Otto, "Is that a true statement that you said, 'We got a case of lychees for free.'" "That is a true statement, Chef," Otto says. Colicchio wants to know why Otto knew this and no one else did. Otto stammers that he got wrapped up in the competition, and he wasn't thinking clearly. "Right now, you're not looking too good," Colicchio tells him. Colicchio tells Otto to take the lychees back and tells everyone else to get back to work. Colicchio pointlessly tells us that the team is now down one person for at least an hour.

We see Otto carrying the case of lychees to the car. He tells us, "There was some discussion about the lychees being paid for, and I felt bad for it, but it was an honest mistake. So I took the lychees back to the store." It was an honest mistake that the lychees were overlooked in the ringing up, but it was not an honest mistake if you looked as them as a freebie that you could get away with. I'm not saying Otto intentionally shoplifted because it's clear that he didn't, but it also seems that he wasn't going to volunteer that they should take them back once he realized the got them for free.

Team Vietnam rocks all over the place. Betty promises that the summer rolls will be wrapped in plastic in such a way that will ensure they aren't touching and therefore stick together. "Can I have a kiss?" she asks Josie. They bang cheeks. Aw, Betty's cute. I'll bet she'd be easy to work for in a kitchen.

Team Korea. Marisa tells us that her panna cotta were setting up harder than they should be. "It was a chaotic day," Marisa tells us, "Everything was a whirlwind in the kitchen. I don't know what happened." Ted Ilan chops furiously and tells the camera that they are rushing to finish their dessert, which, he feels, should have been done in the first hour. Frank tells us they lost a lot of momentum because Otto was out returning the lychees. Otto tells us that he doesn't believe there is any tension on the team.

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