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Team Vietnam packs up as time ticks down. They all cheer and slap hands.

The teams unload at the Project by Project event. Emily tells us that everyone contributed to the menu and they have a solid crew. She's really happy she's not on the Korean team.

Otto attempts some sort of weird display that reminds me way too much of the jars of pickled stuff my sixth grade teacher had in our greenhouse. And by "pickled stuff," I don't mean "food." At least, not human food. Marisa tells him his display is a disaster waiting to happen. Marisa tells us, "It wasn't bad or difficult to have to work with Otto after confronting him. It was more distracting than awkward." Ookay.

The teams line up and Padmadala welcomes them to Project by Project's event. She introduces them to Ming Tsai, their guest judge of the week. Padmadala looks like she's going to prom in that strapless black velvet and blue satin number with the sweetheart neckline. Looks good on her, though.

The teams ready their tables. "You know what?" Emily asks Team Vietnam as they ceremoniously rub elbows. "We got it done, and our table looks better." Marcel thinks Team Korea is falling apart a little bit.

Over on Team Vietnam, Josie sees how Michael massacred the summer rolls and decides they need a better knife. It looks like Michael cut one very carefully and it worked out, but then we pan over to a summer roll that looks like it exploded. "Josie, it's not the knife," Son of Sam tells her. "We can't serve that, it looks like shit," Josie says. "So we only serve one dish?" Son of Sam wonders. Josie steps in and tries to rectify the situation. She tells us she was starting to freak out. Son of Sam and Josie try to fix the summer rolls, and Michael attempts to come back in. Josie tells him to relax several times. Michael tells us -- and he seems either drunk or high -- "It's just so ridiculous, 'cuz I mean it's like, okay, we're all here in a cooking competition and you're talking to me like I'm your ten-year-old son." Well, maybe it's because it looks like a ten-year-old cut the summer rolls with a plastic butter knife. At the table, Josie signals a time-out with her hands and asks someone, "Can we calm down for one second?" and pulls Michael over to the side. She tells Michael she's going to have him do something else while she cuts the rolls. "And I was like, 'Look, babe, you need to just stop and just check yourself for a minute. Why do you assume that we're all in this competition and you're the only one that has skills?'" Because, Flounder, you SHREDDED THE SUMMER ROLLS THAT'S WHY! Josie talks to Michael and tells him there's no need for him to feel he needs to get out of the way, she's just talking and when she says "Hey," she's just talking. As opposed to... ? "Fucking spring rolls, dude," Michael tells us. They're fucking summer rolls, dude.

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