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Pork and Recreation

Padma rolls right into the Elimination Challenge: Married funny people Chris Pratt and Anna Faris are having a homecoming party since they're both from Washington State, and they ask the cheftestants to cater it. Anna tells them that they're huge fans of the show, and adds that she's pregnant, so she loves to eat. Chris pretends like he didn't know she was pregnant, because he's funny. The party is the next day and each cheftestant has to cook one dish that caters to Chris and Anna's tastes. The winner gets a Prius.

They have five minutes to talk to Chris and Anna about what they like. Anna says that they love wild salmon and Dungeness crab. Anna says she's German and Chris is Norwegian, so they like meat and potatoes, but they're also adventurous eaters. Chris adds that they love all kinds of game, and his friends and family are all big eaters, so they should make their food "good and abundant."

Then there's a commercial for the Prius. Later, while they eat dinner, Brooke shows off the plastic lizard that her son gave her so she could have a piece of him while she was gone. Josh talks about how it's weird that he and Stefan have become friends, because when he watched Stefan's season, he thought Stefan was "douchey." I can see why they're friends - they're both kind of jerks. Stefan has enough natural charm to usually overcome anything awful that he says; Josh doesn't.

The next day, they all rush into the kitchen and start cooking. Kristen explains that she's gotten really into making pasta lately, so she's making a tortolloni. I had to look that up, and it turns out it's a larger, square tortellini. Eliza plans to make elk, since Chris said he's into game, and she's from Colorado so she knows how to cook game. Danyele is working with boar chops but they're cut really thin. We never seem them shopping this season, which I don't mind because those segments were usually useless, but I would kind of like to know if she ordered them butchered that way or if they just showed up that way or what. Stefan yells out that there's twelve minutes left when there's actually three hours and cracks himself up.

Sheldon has decided to go another way since everyone else is doing Northwestern food and cook something more from his homeland of the Pacific Islands. Josh is making pork, since he screwed it up in the last challenge, and he wants to show the judges that he does actually know how to cook pork. It's funny because John asks about his dish and then walks away before hearing the answer and Josh goes, "Good talk." Okay, Josh. You got me with that one.

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