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Pork and Recreation

John is making clam chowder, and has to namedrop that he learned how to make it from Rick Moonen, who makes the best clam chowder in the world. Kristen and Stefan flirt over the plastic wrap (who knew that was possible?). Everyone packs and wraps their food and heads out.

The party is being held at the Chihuly Garden of Glass, which is filled with Chihuly sculptures and is really is beautiful. The cheftestants have thirty minutes to prep. Danyele tests her boar chop, and it's overcooked and leathery. She tells Josh, like what is he supposed to do? He says, "That sucks." Maybe she could cook them a different way? Stir fry? I don't know what to do with really thin cuts of meat.

Chris and Anna's friends and families arrive and Chris Pratt's mom confesses that she touched one of the sculptures and almost broke it and he died laughing. They are cute. Service starts, and Eliza is worried that her elk is too tough and chewy, so she slices it thinly to make it easier to chew. Micah is worried about the texture of his celery root puree, and he adds more milk while trying to keep the flavor. How flavorful is celery root puree anyway? It's not like celery is packed with flavor. Chris tells Anna how his mom almost broke a sculpture and they giggle together. So cute.

The judges show up (Tom, Padma, and Gail), and the guest judge is Rick Moonen. John freaks out because he made Rick Moonan's clam chowder for Rick Moonen. Anna introduces her parents to the judges and they offer congratulations on the impending baby.

Time to eat! Bart is up first with loin of elk with cherry beer sauce and mushroom couscous. Brooke serves lamb stuffed squid on black rice with coconut milk. Sheldon made Okinawan pork belly with seared scallop and rice congee. Stefan made German gulasch with marjoram bread dumplings and sour cream and he serves it with German beer.

The judges start with Sheldon's pork belly. Anna loved the sweet and savory flavors and adds that "every bite was a surprise." Moving on to Bart's elk, Padma says that it's well done and Chris adds that it has an umami, savory feel. Look at Chris Pratt, foodie! Rick Moonen wishes it had more sauce but appreciated that the elk was tender.

Anna says that Stefan's gulasch is what pregnant women crave and Padma adds that it's rich and delicious. Chris Pratt seems a little hesitant to try Brooke's lamb-stuffed squid but after he pops it in his mouth he's like, "Oh my God, the flavors!" They are all just making "Mmm" sounds. Rick Moonen appreciates that Brooke took a risk even though she had immunity and could have laid back, but Tom says that it's the perfect time to take a risk because she didn't have to worry about being voted out. Sounds like the judges liked all four of those dishes. Chris Pratt's mom comes over and says he was a good eater as a baby, and she actually had to put him on a diet. Everyone laughs.

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