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Pork and Recreation

The judges discuss the food overall. Tom points out that this was "head and shoulders" above what they got from the last challenge. Padma asks which dishes were the least successful, and Rick brings up Micah's because there was no focus. Rick thinks that Eliza's elk was grainy. Padma thought Josie's dish needed more brightness or tartness, and Tom says it didn't stand up to the competition. Anna mentions that Josh's huge hunk of pork was underseasoned. Chris says that the boar was in his bottom three, and Rick thinks that Danyele's nervousness was reflected in her cooking. Padma wishes Anna and Chris well and sends them off.

In the Stew Room, Brooke says that everyone's food looked good, and John says that they were all hoping not to humiliate themselves again after Tom's dressing down. Padma comes in and asks to see John, Brooke, Kristen, and Sheldon. They approach the judges and Padma tells them that they are the top four. Padma asks Brooke if her immunity helped, and Brooke says it encouraged her to think outside the box and cook her own food. Tom promises her that if she continues cooking this way, no one will yell at her. Rick tells John that he really respected every ingredient and John says it means a lot coming from him. Gail wants to know how Kristen knew that dried apricots would work her in her dish and she says that cheese and dried fruit work well together. Padma liked that Sheldon's food reflected him, and Rick calls it a melting pot. So who is the winner of the challenge and the car? Brooke! She can't believe it and she tearfully says that this is much better than being on the bottom.

They have to send back Eliza, Danyele, Josh, and Micah. Padma tells them that they made the least successful dishes. Tom says that the level of food was high in this challenge, and their dishes weren't bad, but they all had issues. Rick tells Micah that his celery root puree was grainy, and Micah says that the celery was very fibrous. So don't serve it? Tom says that the proportions of his components were off. For someone who's been super cocky, Micah seems to be on the bottom a lot. Same with Josh. Padma teases Josh about claiming he's known for pork but his pork dishes keep putting him on the bottom. But she's kind of not teasing. She tells Josh that his pork portions were way too big, and Josh agrees. So cut them smaller? These seem like such easy fixes. Rick asks how he seasoned the pork and Josh says he just used salt and pepper. But it was underseasoned.

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