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Corned Beef Rehash at the Judges' Table. Interesting point, Portale thinks that while Micah's dish was bad, Sara M's chicken a la king was worse. "That was chicken DON King," Colicchio attempts. That doesn't even make sense -- is he saying it has bad hair? Colicchio, leave the Bourdaining to the master.

The four losers stand back before the judges. Colicchio individually rakes them over again. Padma tells Micah to pack up and go home. Micah nods. She says goodbye the cheftestants and with a face glazed with tears and nose swollen with snot, Micah stuffily tells us she's relieved to be going home, "At the end of the day, this means I get to go and sleep with my baby." Okay, I know she means her daughter, but that just sounded really…odd. The cheftestants applaud her out. Micah tells us that she's glad to get out before things get really cutthroat because she's not someone who would do anything to win. She's not That Girl.

Next week: Farscape! Well, Top Chef's a rerun, so I'll be suffering through my least favorite Farscape episode, "Taking the Dumb-Ass Freakin' Stone." However, the next Top Chef will have the cheftestants working in teams, and Joey From New York is whining again. Have a safe and fun Fourth of July!

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