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Back in the Stew Room, Amanda tells how it hurt to hear the criticism. The judges discuss their options. Tom thinks that Stephen's dish was jumbled up, and the number of ingredients was fine if you could taste each ingredient, but you couldn't. Ripert thinks Stephen had too much time so he was trying to incorporate every technique that he knows. Padma concludes, "Overthought and overdressed." Back in the Stew Room, Stephen makes fun of himself for putting so much into a stupid salad, but even more disturbing is in the background, where Angelo is counseling Tamesha. About what? They are creepy.

Padma moves on to talk about Tim's turnips. Tom thinks that he planned to puree them, so he cut them small, but then changed his mind and was stuck with those finely-cut vegetables, which didn't help. Ripert points out that three hours is a long time to cook to end up with such a simple dish.

Moving on to discuss Amanda's soup, Tom is concerned that Amanda apparently didn't even think about how the vegetables would cook, and Ripert is stuck on the fact that she called it a minestrone when it wasn't. Back in the Stew Room, Amanda says that she was so concerned about developing the flavors that she didn't pay attention while cutting, and calls herself "a fucking dummy." No argument here.

The three cheftestants are called back to find out who's going home. Tom says that there is a cause and effect when cooking, and all three of them are there because of that. Amanda didn't think about the effects of sloppily cut vegetables, Stephen went overboard with his salad, and Tim made a change midstream that ruined his dish. So who's going home? Padma pauses and tells Tim to pack his knives and go. Tim interviews that he's disappointed because he went out on such a lame effort. He advises his fellow cheftestants to season their food. Well, that's good advice. Tim also thinks that these people are lifelong friends. Hope he comes to the reunion and they ask him how many of the people he's actually hung out with since he left the show. I'm going to say...two, maybe three.

Watch scenes from the episode here, then see who we think will win!

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