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The Fighters of Foo

Achatz reassembles the cheftestants to reveal the winner. Overall, he was impressed with how they handled a difficult situation. He enjoyed Jamie's "well-balanced" chickpea soup, the way that Leah worked with the white asparagus, and Daniel's "hearty, rustic" ham and egg soup. The winner is Leah. Jamie looks disappointed. I think she really thought she had it. Leah is informed that she has immunity for the Elimination Challenge. Interesting that they didn't name the chefs who were the least successful this time. I wonder if it was due to time constraints or if they didn't even film that discussion or even have that discussion.

Man, Padma's shirt is some kind of ugly this week. It's a purple gauzy shirt with bright flowers all over it. Yeesh. Anyway, the cheftestants are told that, for their Elimination Challenge, they will divide into two teams to cook a Thanksgiving meal for a special client. And since Leah won, she gets to pick her teammates. It's not even a schoolyard pick -- she just picks the six "best" chefs to be on her team. I put best in quotation marks because they haven't really had enough challenges yet to know who the best are, I don't think. If the best chefs could be determined three episode in, this season could be three episodes long. Leah chooses Jamie, Hosea, Stefan, Fabio, Melissa, and Radhika. That makes the other team Jeff, Richard, Alex, Ariane, Carla, Daniel, and Eugene. Fabio interviews that he's psyched to have a united Europe (him and Stefan) to cook an American meal (Thanksgiving). Various cheftestants wonder who their client will be, including Daniel wondering if it might be Donald Trump, since he's "the powerfulest man in New York." Well, A) that's not a word and B) he's really not and C) he's got his own far inferior reality show to worry about. Padma plays a tape of the client, which is no surprise if you saw any preview of this season or this episode -- the Foo Fighters! Dave Grohl explains that they love the show and watch it a lot, so they're participating in a challenge. Alex interviews that chefs want to be rock stars, so they are psyched to cook for a rock star. That' interesting way of making this challenge seem semi-relevant to the culinary world. Dave Grohl explains that, being on the road so much, they typically don't get to eat a home-cooked Thanksgiving meal. The cheftestants must cook a Thanksgiving feast for the Foo Fighters and their entourage (over sixty people including many vegetarians) while incorporating their likes and dislikes. Padma explains that they'll travel to the Foo's next concert venue (Rochester, NY) and then there's an obvious voiceover where Padma explains that the teams will get a copy of the Foo's rider, so they'll know that, for example, the band loves bacon and chocolate-covered frozen bananas. It seemed like this whole rider thing was going to be really important, and then it totally wasn't, so I'm not sure why they went to the trouble of adding that voiceover. Hosea interviews that, in Boulder, he's used to dealing with vegetarians, vegans, and people with food allergies, so it's no big deal. That's true. I've been to Boulder. They're a bunch of dirty hippies. And I mean that with the kindest of intentions. I usually love dirty hippies, even if they do smell bad and make me eat things like seitan. The winning team gets to watch the Foo Fighters concert and the losing team will have to clean up, and one member of the losing team will be eliminated.

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