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The Fighters of Foo

Jeff is working on a pumpkin mousse as well as a savory bread pudding. He admits that it's a lot to take on, but he feels like he needs to do that to make up for some of the weaker members of his team. He doesn't name names, but then we are treated to a montage of people asking Ariane if she's put the turkey in yet, if the turkeys are cooking, and what's going on with the turkey. Ariane admits that she is trying hard not to get angry with their interruptions and inquisitions.

And then it starts raining. The cheftestants try to keep cooking as production tries to put up some pop-up tents. They didn't know it was about to rain? I mean, it looks like they were prepared for the possibility, but if you are outdoors in New York in the summer, you have to know that it might rain. I'm surprised that they didn't put up the tents before the cooking even started. Meanwhile, Fabio says that he's not going to let a little rain in his tiramisu make him go home. I think that's the Italian version of not letting it rain on your parade -- don't let it rain on your tiramisu. Daniel keeps yelling at his team to keep pushing, but admits that his potatoes aren't crisping like he had hoped, so the whole roasted potatoes dish is not working out. He and Eugene strategize and decide to microwave the remaining potatoes and mash them, since they are running out of time. The cheftestants realize they need to book it down into the serving area because any food that doesn't make it in there by the deadline can't be served. Carla explains that the members of her team all feel like they haven't been chosen. Well, they should feel that way, since they weren't. Regardless, they all have something to prove. Daniel says he was going to make his s'mores one tray at a time, except he's making them as everyone else is loading in, which makes no sense. He should make them after everyone goes through and gets their meals, right? I guess they're not sure if the diners are going to get all their food at once, or get entrees and then come back later for dessert. Eugene interviews that this is the hardest cooking experience he's ever had, and they somehow get it done in time.

The judges and the Foo Fighters roll in, and Hosea is impressed by the Foo's "rock star aura." It helps when the editors film you walking into a room in slow motion. That can make almost anyone look like a rock star. Dave Grohl's belt buckle doesn't hurt. Richard is still loving up on Tom Colicchio, even with Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins right there. He has interesting taste.

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