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The Fighters of Foo

Team Cougar serves first. Daniel tells the band members what he's serving up, including mashed potatoes (but much fancier than that except Daniel talks so quickly it's hard to hear what he says) and Jeff's spoonbread stuffing with figs, cranberries, walnuts, and onions. Alex is pleased to serve up his five-cheese macaroni and cheese with bacon. Dave Grohl is FIRED UP about the bacon, and asks for an extra helping. Ariane dishes out her roasted turkey with mushroom gravy. Eugene has the smoked pork loin. The band sits down to eat, and Dave can't believe he has to play tonight after eating all this. After eating, they all give their reactions. Dave and Taylor didn't like the stuffing, with Taylor adding that he doesn't need figs and stuff in his stuffing. I dig that the band is kind of like regular diners; I wouldn't want this perspective every week, but there are definitely weeks of this show where I watch it and think, "They're eating what? And why?" So it's nice to get that perspective once in a while. Taylor loved the mac and cheese, as did Dave. Taylor adds that the mashed potatoes are slightly uncooked. Chris Shiflett (guitar player for the Foo Fighters) likes the pork loin, and Dave gives extra points to the turkey, which was his favorite. Colicchio explains that Ariane has been on the chopping block a few times, and Dave asks if she redeemed herself. Colicchio admits that she kind of did, because the turkey was great. They don't even get into the fact that she cooked it in a toaster oven, which I think should earn extra points.

Dave decides that they should go back and get another plate of entrée dishes and then do all the desserts at once. So now it's Team Sexypants' turn to serve up their food. Leah serves up turkey with white turkey gravy, presumably made by Stefan. Radhika made a vegan cornbread stuffing that looks really good, even though I generally like some sausage or something in my stuffing. None of the other entrees really get much attention; sweet potatoes and a roasted corn salad are mentioned briefly, but that's it. Nate Mendel (bass player for the Foo Fighters) mentions the vegan stuffing as a standout, and his bandmates all agree. They even say that it was the best dish from either team so far. Dave liked the sweet potatoes because they burned the marshmallows, and he's adamant about how important that is. He likes burnt marshmallows almost as much as he likes bacon, apparently. Dave asks Tom how they cooked the turkey, and adds that the Cougars' turkey was definitely better.

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