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The Fighters of Foo

The judges and the band decide to head back for desserts. The cheftestants were clearly waiting for a while for this moment. My favorite part is when Jeff has to tell Ariane to stop eating because the judges are heading back. I think it's really unprofessional to eat before the diners leave, but maybe that's just me. And maybe it had been a long time since they ate. I don't know. Anyway, Team Sexypants serves up a pumpkin tiramisu (by Fabio) and a peach and blueberry crisp with cinnamon cream (by Hosea). Dave tries speaking Italian with Fabio, and ends up calling the food disgusting. I don't think that was his intention.

The judges and the band head right over to Team Cougar to get the rest of the desserts. Jeff interviews that their hot food was no longer hot, but again, it's tough for me to have sympathy for that, since it was a buffet and they knew that going in. Carla dishes out her peach and cherry cobbler with vanilla ice cream. How in the hell did they keep ice cream frozen? Maybe they had coolers. Jeff hands out his fresh fruit salad and pumpkin mousse in the style of a parfait. Dave is really excited about the s'mores, which are bananas in between two graham crackers, topped with vanilla foam and chocolate ganache. It's not clear if there are marshmallows involved or not, although I think I see some inside the crackers there. The s'mores look really weird on the plate though, and maybe Richard should have finished them on the plate instead of on the tray.

The judges try Team Sexypants' desserts first. Gail likes the tiramisu, and Tom likes that Fabio married his Italian cuisine in making a tiramisu with the Thanksgiving tradition of using pumpkin. Gail summarizes that they all enjoyed that team's desserts. Now they try the desserts offered up by Team Cougar. Taylor tries the pumpkin mousse and immediately makes a face and drops his spoon, saying that he doesn't like it. Dave explains that he didn't like the consistency, because he didn't know whether to chew or swallow. That's a problem. Taylor sums it up by saying, "No more barf-aits." Dave asks, "Did someone offend the s'mores guy, because I think he spit on mine!" referring to the vanilla crème, which really does look like spit. Or frog's eggs.

Padma ask the band what they thought overall. They agree that one team didn't totally kill the other. The Cougar team's turkey was better, but Sexypants had better desserts and that awesome vegan stuffing. Taylor doesn't want the desserts to decide it, because he's not a dessert guy. Jamie is nervous watching the deliberations. Ariane gives her team a pep talk. Daniel interviews that he's ready to go to the concert; he's got his party hat and party underwear on. He has party underwear? That explains a lot about him. The judges and the band come back over to announce the winner. Padma says that it was really close. Jeff thinks it was neck-and-neck, and he hopes their turkey and pork loin will pull them over the top. After the break, Dave announces that Team Sexypants will be going to the concert. Padma reminds Team Cougar that they have to clean up, and one of them will be going home.

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